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28 January 2018

Time To Scale With Process Automation

How to grow a company without having to increase spending? That’s the question on many a small business owner’s mind. Traditionally, to scale a business, a decision will be made to hire more staff because more staff equals higher capacity to manage demand, and to manage the day-to-day running of the business. But with process automation, this is no longer necessarily the case. Automating business processes gives small business owners the ability to put digital processes in place. This allows the company to take on increasing demand and generate higher revenue, without increasing costs proportionally. Let’s take a look at some of the ways BPA helps to scale a business more effectively.

1. BPA can reduce time spent on repetitive tasks freeing up time to deal with demand

With a team that no longer needs to dedicate hours on mundane tasks, such as manually entering and updating data. They can all of a sudden spend more time on your customers.

2. Quality and accuracy of outputs impact customer satisfaction and retention

With the virtually fool-proof nature of automated processes, errors are brought to a minimum, if not eradicated completely. The quality of the service delivered is therefore increased. Better quality service results in more delighted customers, which in turn results in healthier profits.

3. Ability to focus more on gaining sharper competitive edge

Having reduced the need hire staff to take care of the processes which have now been automated, how about investing in true talent? Bringing in people that add real value to your offering will affect your position in the market. Making your company more able to compete at a higher level. It can also give current team members the opportunity to re-train or upskill, and become involved in the higher-value activities of the business.

4. BPA is a good opportunity to reassess current systems and structures

Sitting down and analysing your processes, automatically puts you in the position to take a critical and subjective look at how your business is run. During the course of mapping out business processes you will begin to refine them. Then, build on them and remove any excess steps leading to a superior way of running both back-end and customer-facing activities.

Getting started with process automation is easy. Read our blog post Three Simple Ways Of Getting Started With BPA to get some ideas of where to start.

If your BPA initiative is already more mature and you’re looking for more customised solutions. Take a look at our packages, which will get you on the road to bespoke automation apps.


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