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Why waste another minute on piles of paperwork, baffling email chains and bulky spreadsheets? We can help you turn slow-moving processes into speedy, automated workflows – with all content and data digitised, and at your fingertips. We specialise in fast, agile Business Process Automation (BPA) that gives back the time you used to spend on tedious, repetitive tasks. This means you can re-direct your resources toward keeping your customers happy and growing your business.


Why automate?

  • Perform processes faster, without errors
  • Waste no time on low-value activities
  • Focus expertise on priority work
  • Improve governance and compliance
  • Drive ongoing business optimisation

How BPA works

We take a process-first approach to BPA. This involves working with you to find automation opportunities in your day-to-day work. It also gives us a chance to fix faulty processes before we unleash the power of automation. You can use your agile BPA solution to automate tasks and workflows, connect multiple systems for seamless processing and build digital forms for smart content management. You can also monitor performance in real-time to prevent delays and gather insights that keep your business competitive.


We built a BPA-powered mobile solution that cut the time taken to
generate a Gas Safety compliance certificate from 40 hours to just 2
hours. It also helped to reduce error, increase visibility and improve
certification accuracy.

Why choose Velocity for your BPA solution?

Incredible speed to market

We specialise in low-code BPA, for rapid digital solution delivery with minimal fuss and disruption to your business. We believe that no team should wait to put their process innovation ideas into action.

Brilliance, end-to-end

We provide expert support from concept to delivery, to optimise your total cost of automation. You can partner with us at any stage of your project. We scale our service to meet your needs.

Freedom to scale

We help you stretch your BPA technology investment and achieve multiple business goals by scaling automation into every department. At the same time, you get more value from existing systems thanks to ease of integration.

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Driving faster decision-making at CBRE

We designed a low-code BPA solution for CBRE’s debt services team.
This helped to cut the time spent on slow, manual work. It also
provided a single source of truth for property maintenance and
tenant information across global operations.

Having access to accurate asset intelligence enabled our client to
manage risk more strategically, power faster and more confident
decision-making, and improve operational efficiency across the

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