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Finance automation simplified, with zero disruption

In the finance department, it can be tricky to focus on strategic planning and analysis when daily tasks like managing payroll and accounts receivable take up so much time.

Finance automation can help you find a better balance between your daily to-do list, and the work that keeps your business profitable and competitive. And we can help you achieve your goals with solutions that integrate smoothly with existing ERPs, e-commerce platforms, point of sale systems and other IT investments.


Key Features

  • Automate data tasks
  • Reduce human error
  • Streamline reporting
  • Improve analysis
  • Enhance compliance

From idea to workable product that you can demonstrate to a customer in a fortnight, is unheard of.

And we can do that.

Dev Ops Lead – Zurich Insurance

Are your finance processes stuck in a time-warp?

In many modern finance departments, processes rely on manual data entry, spreadsheets shared over email, and other outdated ways of working. These approaches drain time and monopolise valuable skills. They can also lead to errors, delays and poor customer service. Sometimes, a lack of consistency and oversight can even result in compliance breaches that put your organisation at risk of financial and reputational loss.

Luckily, building an efficient, compliant and future-ready finance function is not as complex and disruptive as you may think. With the world-class automation technologies that are readily-available today, you can quickly improve efficiency, visibility and control across many finance processes – without displacing the critical systems that keep your business running.

With finance automation, you can:

  • Simplify tax and accounting workflows
  • Improve compliance with clear digital audit trails
  • Centralise finance data for better visibility and control
  • Automate key accounts receivable processes
  • Streamline procurement and purchasing
  • Speed up budgeting and forecasting
  • Allocate funding to key business areas more promptly
  • Make faster, better-informed business decisions

Digital Transformation in Finance

Zurich have been working with Velocity IT for the last 5 years in design, development, testing and rollout of various comprehensive Business Process Management workflows.
These optimisations have added transparency, efficiency and introduced more controlled processes into the business. The Velocity IT team are always highly professional and responsive in providing great insight and problem solving abilities on a daily basis, as well as longer term direction, guidance and advice – Velocity IT are a great extension of our team.

Treasury Director – Zurich Insurance
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