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How well do you understand your processes?

Not knowing how your processes really run, step by step, can derail your automation project. You need a clear picture of your processes but documenting these manually can be an immense waste of time. Luckily, process mining solutions can do all the hard work for you.

This approach uses your digital footprint to discover and map your processes in detail. The outcome? You can create an automation plan that’s informed by accurate facts and insights.


Benefits of process mining

  • Gain visibility over real processes
  • Map complex procedures with ease
  • Quickly compare event logs and process models
  • Identify deviations and gaps
  • Understand what you need to automate.

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How process mining works

The beauty of process mining is that it allows you to extract value from the data you already have. This technique uses event logs from your business systems to give you a detailed map of your processes – even the complex ones.

Being able to see how your processes run enables you to spot snarl-ups and flag other issues that can be solved with automation. And once you have optimised your processes, you can mine more data to measure whether you’re on track to realising your goals.

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Process Mining

Why choose Velocity for your Process Mining Partner?

We help you choose the top tech

Capitalise on our experience in the fast-evolving process automation field to select the best process mining technology for your needs.  We’ll make sure that you have the most suitable tools for this critical job.

We understand the big picture

As we provide an end-to-end process optimisation and digital transformation service, we will make sure that you use process mining in the most strategic way—as a valuable tool in the wider hyperautomation toolkit.

We get you up and running

If needed, we can help you to integrate your process mining solution into your existing IT set-up. We’ll also make sure that you keep unlocking value through process mining throughout your automation journey.

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