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Hyperfast transformation made possible

Data stuck in silos, systems that don’t connect and manual mind sets all stand in the way of business progress. Add overworked IT teams and soaring customer demands, and you’ll struggle to get ahead of the competition.

With low-code automation, you can tear down these barriers and speedily develop solutions that radically change the way you work. With the power to digitise fast and sync resources, you can operate smarter, improve CX and stay agile.


Why Low-Code?

  • Shrink app development cycles
  • Solve business problems fast
  • Connect content and data
  • Manage remote teams with ease
  • Increase IT flexibility
  • Access analytics to inform innovation

Let’s talk technology

We’re proud to say that we’re low-code automation experts with more than a decade of experience in this dynamic field. There are many low-code software providers out there, but we prefer to work with the best including K2, Mendix, Netcall and Microsoft Power Automate.

Partner with us and we’ll help you select the perfect platform and get set up for success. We’ll also make sure you have the know-how and skills to deliver results faster and take full advantage of your low-code investment.


Low-code technology is built for incredible speed to market – delivering solutions in far less time than it takes with a conventional development approach (where solutions are coded from scratch). You can, for example, cut application development cycles by 78% using the low-code K2 platform.

Let’s unpack the tech terminology

What’s BPM?

BPM stands for business process management technology, which focuses on fixing and optimising processes from start to finish. BPM makes sure that every process is carried out consistently, accurately and at optimum speed, every time.

Why low-code?

Leading low-code platforms combine the beauty of BPM with the power of rapid, agile process automation. Using drag-and-drop tools (rather than code), IT and business can work together to build digital solutions that solve operational problems, fast.

End-to-end solution

With low-code BPM, we can streamline processes from end to end. We have the tools to design a better process, create a custom app to digitise this process, automate workflow management, link this solution to other systems, track performance and update your
solution rapidly, as needed.

Rethink what’s possible
with low-code

Usually, it would take many months to hand-code a process automation solution and connect this with existing systems. This amount of  developer time comes at a high cost and drains your IT resources. With low-code, we can build complex solutions in a matter of days – saving time and money, while allowing your developers to focus on what’s most important.

  • Downsize the development cycle
  • Kickstart transformation with pre built apps
  • Automated workflows make managing teams easy
  • Banish copy paste tasks with digital forms
  • Redirect developer time to priority projects
  • Scale automation fast to any department
  • Easy to test, refine and improve
  • Support compliance with instant audit trails

Velocity IT have done a fabulous job by building an incredible low-code solution. I don’t think anybody could have built a solution given the time and the cost parameters in the way Velocity IT has.


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