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02 February 2018

Three Simple Ways Of Getting Started With BPA

So, you’ve started your own business and, so far, things have gone swimmingly well. Demand is increasing, and you’ve even got a small team. But resources are limited, and optimising time and making your investments work harder for you are crucial to taking the business to the next level. While it’s still tempting to be a jack of all trades and do many of the tasks yourself, there are certain processes that, if automated, will help you make those much-needed time-savings. Here are three simple ways of getting started with BPA.


Take the stress out of managing paydays and following the regulations that come with it – entrust your payroll system to an automation platform. Not only will the process be more secure and accurate, but it will also save hours of time and ensure you comply with your local regulations. Furthermore, as your company grows in headcount, the time spent on payroll will differ very little, if at all.


Not only will you save time by using marketing automation tools like Hootsuite and MailChimp, but the results will be also much more professional and better targeted, making your marketing efforts more effective and rewarding you with a higher marketing ROI. Marketing automation tools are available in abundance, are usually very easy to set up and very often completely free.

Employee Leave

As you dig deeper and actively think about the number of back-office processes you have in your company, you’ll discover that there are many! Even something as simple as an employee requesting leave forms part of a self-contained process. What these processes have in common is that they have a trigger which kicks-off a series of actions, some of which need a human decision, and some of which can be made by logic-based automated decision points.

The journey toward introducing process automation into your way of working starts with keeping your eyes open to the various processes that make-up your day-to-day activities, analysing and mapping those processes out, then understanding where and how automation could take the burden off your shoulders.

For small businesses, there are numerous free and affordable digital platforms that will get you on the road to automating your processes.

For those who have already reached the stage of needing a more customised solution, Velocity IT has devised three packages to get you started with bespoke automation apps. Find out more here.

Custom-Built Apps for Business Success

Business process management (BPM) provides organisations with an opportunity to optimise resources and work smarter, making the enterprise leaner, more productive and more profitable. With 79% of companies saying that BPM is either significant (45%) or imperative (34%) for the success of their business, process improvement is top of mind in today’s commercial landscape. But, some organisations struggle to identify the best digital tools for putting their BPM strategies into motion.

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