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How it works

Use K2 to visually design custom workflows that manage any process – simple or complex. This low-code technology rids your organisation of data silos, evolving the way you collaborate. By easily integrating existing systems with your K2 apps, you can connect your people and data to drive efficiency and power smarter decision-making.

We can help you harness K2 to solve process painpoints across your enterprise, using one platform that scales with your digital transformation plans.


Deliver automation and workflow solutions faster, with far less code

An intelligent, low-code approach to automating and optimising any business process, starting with those that are most critical to your organisation. K2 technology makes work easier for everyone, from professional developers to everyday business users.

  • Orchestrate work
  • Connect data
  • Automate at scale

When it comes to experience, we are K2 heavyweights.

With over 15 years’ experience in the use of the K2 platform, Velocity IT have implemented K2 build solutions for scores of international clients. We offer consultative K2 expertise, acting as an extension of your in-house resources – or as business process automation project leaders, delivering concept-to-creation K2-centric solutions.

  • Build digital forms and connect your systems to save money and time
  • Keep customers happy with fast, informed services
  • Understand business data better with reporting and
    analytics tools
  • Give everyone the power to make apps that solve problems
  • Make development time faster and maintenance easier, freeing IT resources

Ready to transform business-critical processes?

What we can offer


K2 Development Programmes

If business process optimisation is at the top of your agenda, but you’re unsure where to begin – this is where Velocity IT excels. We offer end-to-end K2 development services, based on the unique needs of your organisation. Your solution can be wholly managed and delivered by our team of experts.


K2 Support

Already underway with your K2 development and looking for support? Perhaps you’ve run into a specific problem or you need extra resources to get you over the line? Our team of experts are highly skilled in all aspects of K2 design, implementation and training – and can be on hand as an extension of your existing team.


K2 Health Check

Already using K2 in your organisation, but not sure how effective your workflows are? Let us audit your existing K2 set-up and make recommendations for implementing improvements for you to adopt in-house. Or let our team of experts handle that, too.


K2 Training

Take control of your K2 processes and workflows with tailored training solutions delivered directly by our K2 experts to your team. Learn how to implement best practice approaches, become a K2 pro, and future-proof your expertise to enable in-house delivery of your own K2 projects.


K2 Resources

Our Synergy members say our easy-to-follow K2 Learning Resources are highly informative and supportive of their development needs. We offer step-by-step guides for an array of generic K2 workflows and integration, and more. Sign-up today for 12 months’ free K2 access and start your learning journey.


K2 Test Automation

Ensure bug-free K2 development, delivered at pace. BenchQA is Test Automation Software created by Velocity IT, designed specifically for the K2 platform. It integrates fully with K2 SmartObjects and SmartForms applications – and allows K2 Workflow processes to be tested for a more accurate outcome. Our intuitive test designer suite allows agile configuration of test cases, saving you time and maximising resources.


K2 Licencing

As K2 partners, we are adept at advising you on the most suitable K2 licence for your organisation’s needs. We help you to realise your process automation goals in the most cost efficient way.


K2 Upgrades

As you’d expect, as K2 Partners, we are ready and waiting to implement all the latest in K2 platform upgrades. Make sure your organisation is up to date – ask us to manage a seamless upgrade on your behalf

Need to automate K2 testing?

Velocity have helped drive our automation innovation beyond our own limits and that’s why I would rely on them every time. The capability of Velocity have really delivered something very special here.

Associate Director – CBRE

1 in 3 of the Fortune 500 uses K2

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K2 Centre of Excellence (CoE)

As an organisation powering process transformation on the K2 Platform, a Centre of Excellence (CoE) enables you to gain maximum value from your technology investment. It also provides your people with the tools to contribute ideas, expertise and lessons learned in a way that really drives business forward.

Download this guide to learn why to set up a K2 Centre of Excellence, how to go about it and how to begin to leverage the K2 platform to achieve better outcomes.