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Evolving customer expectations and buying patterns call for sales and marketing approaches that are innovative and totally customer focused. Move away from the fragmented tech solutions and divergent approaches that cloud your customer view and hinder CX.

With a central automation solution, you can unite sales and marketing, transform your data and support customer success at every touchpoint. While technology takes care of the hard graft behind the scenes, your teams can spend more time creating value for your customers.


We can help you to:

  • Solve productivity challenges
  • Streamline cross functional processes
  • Create more time for selling and relationship building
  • Onboard more efficiently
  • Drive profitability

Put customers at the heart of your automation strategy

We can work closely with you to transform your sales and marketing approach. With agile, user friendly automation, you can align processes, make information readily available to everyone, and skyrocket productivity.

Connecting all your systems together enables you to build sales and marketing functions that are customer centric and insights driven. You can manage customer data in amazing new ways providing teams with a better understanding of customer behaviour, attitudes, needs and goals.

Armed with this intelligence, your people can create stronger connections with your customers, and deliver solutions and experiences that are meaningful and valuable to the people who keep you in business.

With us as your automation partner, you can:

  • Spend more time with prospects and customers
  • Create a richer view of the customer and a single source of truth
  • Power remote teams and thrive in a virtual environment
  • Strengthen sales effectiveness
  • Augment sales and marketing capabilities
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Become more adaptable and resilient

UX Centric Transformation

With Velocity’s K2 solution, information from various data sources is now consolidated in one place and accessible using desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This means account directors and data analysts in the client care programme can now access and manipulate client data with greater ease and transparency. This gives users greater confidence in the Client Knowledge Center and ultimately allows for improved customer care and, in turn, increased customer value.

From a technical perspective, this solution leverages data connectors to surface data from various data sources, including Salesforce.com, to an online application configured using K2. Data from additional backend systems can easily be integrated into the application as well.

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