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08 February 2018

Three Steps to Process Automation Success

Business process automation has been on the cards for some time now. You know you need it. You know how it will impact your company, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Here at Velocity IT, we are BPA pros and have seen it all. Let us take you through the three main steps we recommend you take to catching the process automation train.

1. Discover

With limited resources available, it is crucial to carefully select which processes would bring the most value, if they were to be automated. Every company has different ways of working. So some processes will be better candidates for automation than others. Start by determining the objectives that automation should achieve. Map out the process from start to finish, considering every step in the workflow and every team member involved. You could even engage with a BPA consultant who will help you understand where and how BPA will bring you the highest ROI.

2. Go Digital

Take a look at the software-as-a-service and cloud landscapes. They are rich in off-the-shelf automation app providers, many of which are either free or highly affordable. Shortlist the ones that would best match the processes you have mapped out and run a pilot. Perhaps, with just one or two employees. Once you have chosen the most appropriate platform, go wide and deploy it across the company. And why stop there! Now that you understand the method, reiterate for all of your processes and build up a portfolio of digital platforms.

3. Go Bespoke

Off-the-shelf platforms are a highly recommended first step to finding your feet with process automation, and to train your team to work digitally. But there will come a time when a more bespoke solution is needed. A bespoke solution can be adjusted to perfectly match your now mature business processes. It can integrate with any other platform you are currently using. As your company grows into a larger enterprise, you may even want to start discovering emerging technologies. Such as; software robots, machine learning and language processing. A bespoke platform will be able to accommodate any innovative tech, allowing you to really drive that competitive advantage.

Need some ideas for which types of processes to automate? Read our blog post Three Simple Ways Of Getting Started With BPA.

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