Centre of Excellence (CoE) provides a consistent way to turn people’s ideas and requirements into digital assets that help get work done faster.  The key is to establish a methodology that channels ideas and requirements through a standardised process to deliver apps in predictable timescales, quality and at scale.

K2 Methodology

As an organisation powering process transformation on the K2 Platform, a Centre of Excellence (CoE) enables you to gain maximum value from your technology investment. It also provides your people with the tools to contribute ideas, expertise and lessons learned in a way that really drives a business forward.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Key components of a Centre of Excellence
  • Centre of Excellence Methodology
  • How to establish a K2 Centre of Excellence

LENGTH: 40 mins

You may also find our K2 Solution Delivery Guide useful, you can download a copy here.  DOWNLOAD GUIDE

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