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Automated Testing for K2

BenchQA for K2 is Test Automation Software designed and developed by Velocity IT specifically for the K2 platform. BenchQA has been developed through years of experience working with the K2 platform, building and testing K2 SmartForms and K2 Workflow applications.

BenchQA fully integrates with K2 SmartObjects and SmartForms applications allowing K2 Workflow processes to be tested with assurance. Its intuitive test designer suite allows you to quickly and easily configure test cases, saving you time and maximising resources.

BenchQA helps you deliver accurate, bug-free results right from the start, reducing development time and improving overall product confidence.


Why BenchQA?

  • Simple constructs to assemble any test case
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop style test designer
  • Impersonate users
  • Support all major Browsers
  • Deep K2 integration with K2 SmartForms and K2 SmartObjects
  • Unlock much more value from K2

Smarter K2 Testing

BenchQA allows full test automation of K2, including fully automated K2 SmartForms and K2 Workflow testing. It promotes test driven development for K2 and ensures continued quality assurance for K2 solutions. Easily apply changes to test cases to accommodate changes to K2 apps and ensure all apps are regression tested to avoid defects and assure continuous quality.


Built on proven Nintex K2 experience

BenchQA’s development incorporates 15 years’+ of Nintex K2 experience working with customers building and testing Nintex K2 applications. The tool is widely used to ensure highest quality Nintex K2 Apps are developed, giving customers piece of mind.

BenchQA features

Solution Explorer

The BenchQA Automated Test tool for K2 solution explorer – it allows you to easily add multiple test cases to a test project and keep them organised. K2 test automation cases can easily be linked together to create complex test cases. Test data can also be shared between test cases.

Test Toolbox

The BenchQA Toolbox allows the test analyst to setup the K2 testing runtime values that should be used as part of test execution.  The controls can be interacted with during K2 SmartForm test execution and values set using predefined or SmartObject lookup data.

Object Browser

BenchQA integrates fully with K2 SmartObjects.  This means automated K2 tests can easily load test data and initialize test state. No more hard-coding of test script input values – simply lookup data from pre-existing SmartObject sources.

Expression Browser

The expression browser is a powerful feature that is used to get access to runtime K2 SmartForm values that are used for automated testing for K2.  It also allows the test analyst to create data fields to be used as parameters during testing.

SmartForm Browser

The SmartForm Element Explorer provides the test analyst a capability to explore all the K2 controls available on K2 Forms and K2 Views that is to be used as part of K2 SmartForm test automation.  Use easy drag-and-drop style configuration.

Test Scheduler

Schedule automated K2 tests at predefined times. Leverage the test outputs to report on test execution outcomes. Pro-actively inform QA analysts of test execution results.  Explore historic test failures to ensure successful future test outcomes.

The Smarter way to do
Automated K2 testing

BenchQA provides great features for automated K2 testing. It’s clean design provides a lean, but effective automated test platform for K2. BenchQA’s easy-to-use interface allows test analysis to rapidly assemble test scripts and cases using its intuitive designer. It helps business analysts and K2 developers to reduce development time, improve developer performance and increase the overall accuracy and stability of any K2 project.

BenchQA is fully integrated with K2 SmartForm controls and K2 SmartObject runtime and offers full user impersonation that automatically executes test steps in context with the specified user’s credentials. This results in eliminating discrepancies between what is being tested and the end-user expectations, leading to a more accurate outcome.

Key Features

  • FULLY INTEGRATED with all K2 SmartForm
  • FULLY INTEGRATED with K2 SmartObject runtime
  • Toolbox Functions are easily configured using
    EASY Wizard Style step
    access to the K2 SmartForm controls’ properties
    and values during Test Runtime
  • MULTIPLE Test Cases can be added to a PROJECT
  • Test Cases can INTERACT with each other
  • Offers full USER IMPERSONATION CAPABILITY that automatically executes
    test steps in context with the specified user’s credentials

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