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06 September 2023

Transform Your Operations Using Ready-Made Nintex Automation Workflow Templates

Pre-packaged and already assembled Nintex Automation templates offer a powerful and efficient entry point into the world of process management, automation, and optimisation.

Nintex automation templates offer a kickstart for managing, automating, and optimising your business processes.

What is the Nintex Gallery?

One of the most significant hurdles for many organisations is taking the first step toward automation, especially when time and resources are scarce. This is precisely why we leverage the Nintex Gallery – a repository of solution accelerator templates designed for process management, workflow automation, and optimisation. The Nintex Gallery provides a quick entry point to commence your process improvement journey.

For instance, consider the scenario where customers have successfully developed a comprehensive, fully integrated onboarding workflow that seamlessly interfaces with multiple IT systems and securely collects HR documentation as employees join their organisation. You can readily access this template to kickstart the implementation of a similar onboarding solution for your business.

In times of economic uncertainty, another customer effectively constructed a sophisticated business continuity framework. This framework not only identifies risks but also assesses their potential impacts on the business, takes proactive measures to mitigate preventable risks, and devises detailed incident response plans for any potential risks that may materialise. Each stage of this process is meticulously mapped out and documented using Nintex Process Manager, which is conveniently bundled and accessible as a template within the Nintex Gallery.

What types of templates can you find in the Nintex Gallery?

The Nintex Gallery offers two primary categories of templates:

  1. Process Management Templates: These encompass process maps, outlines, and frameworks designed to assist in organising and optimising various aspects of your business processes.
  2. Process Automation Templates: This category includes a wide range of templates, from workflow templates for streamlining task sequences to document automation templates, robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, and automation solutions for both on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer number of templates available in the gallery; Nintex have designed a robust search feature to help you quickly locate what you need. Whether you’re searching for workflow templates tailored to specific use cases like “invoice processing” or templates to map out a “change management” process, simply use the search box and enter keywords to find the templates that match your requirements.

Furthermore, you can narrow down your search by filtering templates based on specific Nintex capabilities, such as process management, workflows, robotic process automation, and connectors. This way, you can easily pinpoint the templates that align with your specific business needs and goals.

Nintex Automation Cloud Templates

Nintex Automation Cloud, previously known as Nintex Workflow Cloud, serves as the engine for automating business forms and workflows while orchestrating various automation capabilities within the Nintex Process Platform. This includes tasks such as triggering an RPA bot to execute computer-based actions and deliver results, or initiating a document generation flow to automatically populate, create, and distribute document templates. The Nintex Gallery offers a diverse collection of starter templates specifically designed for Nintex Automation Cloud, catering to a wide range of industries and use cases.

The integration between the Nintex Gallery and Nintex Automation Cloud is seamless and user-friendly. By simply selecting a template from the gallery, you can initiate the import process with a single click. A dialogue box will then prompt you to input your Nintex Automation Cloud tenant name, streamlining the setup and deployment of your chosen template.

For a visual walkthrough of how the Nintex Gallery and Nintex Automation Cloud work together, be sure to check out the quick tutorial on YouTube.

Nintex Process Manager Templates

Nintex Process Manager, previously known as Nintex Promapp, offers templates that provide comprehensive process maps outlining each stage of a workflow. These templates are downloadable files that can be seamlessly integrated into your Nintex environment, as demonstrated in this instructional video.

From Process Maps to Workflows and Beyond Highly efficient organisations recognise the value of meticulously mapped, standardised, and documented processes using Nintex process management software. This strategic approach empowers them to subsequently automate these processes using process automation software.

Nintex advocate for customers to embrace both process management and automation because how this combination can significantly benefit organisations.

Within the repository of templates, you’ll find an array of process maps and workflow templates tailored for various purposes, including invoice processing and purchase requests, which are particularly valuable for finance departments.

Invoice processing, in particular, stands out as an area where the synergy between process management and automation yields remarkable results. By eliminating the data input step, accounts personnel can efficiently handle higher volumes of invoices with reduced risk of human error. This optimisation allows them to allocate more time to quality control and assurance, enhancing overall financial operations.

Another compelling use case lies in employee onboarding, where process mapping and other Nintex capabilities come into play. Regardless of the length or complexity of onboarding processes, they can be meticulously mapped out and their repetitive tasks automated. This not only streamlines the onboarding experience but also alleviates the workload on human resource departments and other staff. There is a comprehensive onboarding use case and template, allowing you to discover the vast potential of process optimisation for yourself.

Nintex RPA Templates

In the Nintex Gallery, you’ll discover a range of templates designed for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), enabling you to orchestrate software robots that replicate human actions when interacting with digital systems. RPA is a transformative technology, and there are numerous successful organisations, particularly in the financial sector, reaping the benefits of unattended RPA automations working silently in the background. Additionally, contact centers across various industries have harnessed attended RPA automations, where bots lend a helping hand to employees in their daily tasks as needed.

Among the most popular Nintex RPA templates, you’ll find solutions that rapidly collect data from webpages, populate Excel workbooks, or generate log files based on executed actions. These templates offer a seamless way to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency.

The collection extends to example RPA templates that facilitate tasks like using IF statements, extracting text from images through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and delivering various essential automation functionalities. The gallery also hosts templates specifically designed to expedite everyday tasks. Sales and marketing professionals, for instance, will find RPA templates invaluable for automating the synchronisation of accounts, contacts, and leads between CRM platforms like Salesforce and Excel spreadsheets, saving valuable time and resources.

Nintex On-Premises K2 Workflow Templates

Within the Nintex Automation suite, formerly known as K2, you can explore a growing collection of 12 templates available in the gallery, with more additions on the horizon. These templates encompass a diverse range of solutions, including offerings such as ‘Back to Work – Task Management,’ as well as connectors designed to enhance connectivity with platforms like Box, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and a TypeScript broker generator. These templates are geared to optimise your on-premises workflows and facilitate seamless integration with various essential tools and services.

Workflow and Process Templates Authors

The creators behind the workflow and process templates found in the Nintex Gallery are none other than the skilled and certified experts within the Nintex organisation. These experts come from diverse teams, including engineering, product development, and customer success. They possess an in-depth understanding of Nintex software and have undergone rigorous training to hone their expertise.

These professionals leverage their insights into customers’ needs to craft frameworks and operational models, which are then bundled into user-friendly templates. This approach simplifies the process for you to initiate and customise workflows tailored to your specific requirements.

Which Industries Can Benefit from the Power of Workflow Templates?

The versatility of Nintex Automation templates is a standout feature, as they offer value across a wide spectrum of industries. Whether you’re in the energy sector, government, technology, manufacturing, or any other field, these templates, such as those for vendor onboarding, leave request approval, or purchase order requests, can be seamlessly adapted to suit your specific needs.

In particular, the collection of high-quality financial-based RPA templates is well-suited for automating high-volume, repetitive tasks, providing substantial benefits to organisations dealing with financial processes.

Industries like energy, government, technology, and manufacturing often encompass processes that traverse various departments. Nintex excels in this regard, as the capabilities transcend industry boundaries, delivering solutions that are equally applicable across all verticals and horizontals.

What Are the Advantages of Using the Nintex Gallery?

The gallery offers a multitude of benefits for companies of all sizes, chief among them being the ability to significantly reduce the time required to deploy a new process. For instance, if you’re considering the functionalities of a fundamental leave request workflow, the templates serve as a valuable resource to demonstrate what can be achieved and offer a solid framework for constructing your customised process.

In essence, the gallery provides you with a foundational understanding, serving as a springboard for tailoring the template to precisely fit your unique requirements. This not only expedites process implementation but also empowers you to fine-tune processes with ease.

Who can access the Nintex Gallery?

The Nintex Gallery is accessible to everyone interested in exploring the solutions that Nintex offers. You don’t need to be an existing Nintex customer to benefit from it. Even if you’re not currently using Nintex software, you can freely browse and examine examples of Nintex workflows, process maps, and RPA automations. It provides an opportunity to see how Nintex can be harnessed to establish and optimise various solutions. Additionally, you have the option to access a free trial and start utilising these templates to streamline and enhance your processes.

For existing Nintex customers, the gallery offers a valuable resource for discovering innovative ideas that can help you save time and resources through process intelligence and automation, making it a worthwhile platform for further optimisation.


The Nintex commitment to enhancing the Nintex Gallery remains unwavering, and Nintex are continually introducing improvements and innovations. For instance, a capability to design your own form plug-ins for Nintex Automation Cloud are being rolled out. As the Nintex community collectively develops plug-ins, there are assurance from Nintex that these innovations can be readily shared as templates in the gallery, making them accessible to your entire team.

Looking ahead, the future of automation and the Nintex Gallery holds great promise, particularly with the growing influence of generative AI technology. In a dynamic landscape where automation takes centre stage, the gallery continues to play a pivotal role. To exemplify this, Nintex already offer a connector template within the gallery, facilitating the seamless integration of Nintex Automation Cloud processes with OpenAI tools such as ChatGPT and Dall-E, highlighting their commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

About Nintex

Nintex is a leading provider of intelligent process automation solutions that empower organisations to streamline and optimise their business processes. With a comprehensive suite of tools for workflow automation, document generation, and robotic process automation (RPA), Nintex enables businesses to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and drive digital transformation. With a commitment to simplifying complex processes and fostering innovation, Nintex empowers organisations across various industries to achieve operational excellence and remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

About Velocity IT

Velocity IT is an innovative technology solutions provider, specialising in helping businesses harness the full potential of automation and digital transformation. With a deep understanding of diverse industries and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, Velocity IT offers a range of services, including workflow automation, process optimisation, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation.

Our expertise empowers organisations to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth, making Velocity IT a trusted partner in navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.

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