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12 June 2017

Powering Digital Transformation Using the K2 Low-Code Platform

Digital technologies provide scalable support for business activities across the business landscape and are powering Digital Transformation. These are typically activities around Sales & Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product & Service Development and Operations.

K2 Automated Testing Software

rnBenchQA allows full test automation of K2, including fully automated K2 SmartForms and K2 Workflow testing. It promotes test driven development for K2 and ensures continued quality assurance for K2 solutions. Easily apply changes to test cases to accommodate changes to K2 apps and ensure all apps are regression tested to avoid defects and assure continuous quality.


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Technology plays a vital role providing the capacity to scale-up business activities while maintaining efficiency and business profitability.  In today’s digital era, gaining access to technology is becoming increasingly easy and cost-effective. With the advent of Cloud-based computing, businesses can instantly gain access to software services, computing power and large data storage facilities which enable organisations to digitise business activities across organisational departments, business units and functions. This means business processes are automated, paper-based forms are replaced with digital forms, and reports provide real-time insight into business efficiencies.

Digital Transformation for Business Processes

Connecting Digital Assets to Power Digital Transformation

The initial efficiency gains associated with doing business digitally are enormous and most progressive businesses already have initiatives and programmes in place to digitise operations across their business functions. These initiatives produce digital assets that, when fully connected across the business landscape, power Digital Transformation, unlocking the true potential of a business making it even more agile, efficient and adaptable to future shifts.

Low-code technology platforms present a key catalyst for Digital Transformation, allowing business and technical users to easily build and deploy enterprise software that quickly connects people, processes and information across all business departments, units and functions.

Digital Processes

K2 as a Low-Code platform

K2 is a low-code platform that is an enabler for Digital Transformation. It opens up the possibility for people with radical and disruptive business efficiency ideas to easily build software apps, implement and share these across the organisation.

For example, people working in Customer Relationship Management can quickly create a centralised, mobile-accessible Customer Knowledge Centre that connects people with key client care processes and information. This single view of the customer promotes better customer care and retention. In this example, K2’s low-code platform can easily be used to build an enterprise knowledge-base using online forms, process automation and integration into other data sources – for example, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Web Services and even Excel. Roles, responsibilities and permissions can also easily be defined to enable users in other departments or business divisions to access the knowledge centre to streamline their own business activities.

The Benefits
  • Development Speed

The K2 low-code platform enables rapid development of applications, a key driver of Digital Transformation. The platform provides a more time-efficient way of automating business operations, meaning more focus can be put on what really matters, like providing higher quality customer service and improving customer relationship management.

  • Platform Adaptability

The low-code platform on which the application is built makes it easily adaptable, meaning new ideas from its users can easily be incorporated into improved future versions. This capability is key to keep the application adaptable to future shifts.

  • Increased Business Efficiencies

The effect of replicating this model across an organisation powers Digital Transformation. It provides new opportunities to radically transform and improve existing business and operating models, unlocking the organisation’s future potential and making it more agile, efficient and adaptable to changes.

In Summary

The Digital Transformation era is here and it is on most business leader’s minds. Advances in emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will further fuel Digital Transformation. A low-code platform like K2 is a key capability required to allow businesses to quickly turn industry-disrupting ideas into working software solutions that gives organisations the ultimate competitive advantage.

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