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12 May 2022

Let your people focus on what they do best. RPA can handle the rest.

With the tech that’s available today, it no longer makes sense for extraordinary people to spend time on ordinary tasks that could easily be automated.

Yet, a recent UiPath survey found that office workers are wasting four and a half hours every week on average completing tasks that could easily be delegated to a software robot.

Learn how you can harness RPA technology to gain more value from your people’s time and expertise.  

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The ‘Future of Work’ is a hot topic of discussion at the moment, as businesses focus on their post-pandemic recovery plans. While it is critical to think ahead, it is also important to ask what can be done to improve the way work is done today – regardless of whether people are working remotely or in the office environment.

Right now, there are business technologies that are readily available to companies that want to work faster and smarter, retain skills and talent, and offer higher quality services to customers.

One of these technologies is robotic process automation, or RPA. It may sound futuristic to some, but RPA software is actually designed to be an incredibly user friendly and intuitive automation technology. In some cases, with the right tech expertise at your side, an RPA software robot can be deployed into your business environment in a matter of weeks.

While automation is a concept that tends to ruffle feathers due to its potential to displace people in the workplace, RPA software robots are not coming for your job. Not your entire job, anyway – just the dull, repetitive tasks that waste your time, day in and day out.

What do employees think?

It’s important for business and IT leaders to understand that many of today’s knowledge workers are digitally clued-up and therefore well aware of the benefits of process automation in the workplace.

A 2021 Office Worker Survey from UiPath – the leading RPA software company – discovered that 67% of office workers around the world feel they are constantly repeating the same tasks.

These monotonous tasks include generating emails, keying in data or creating datasets, and scheduling calls and meetings. Typically, all of these activities need to be carried out in much the same way, over and over again. They are also easy to digitise and define, which makes them perfect candidates for automation.

On average, the office workers surveyed by UiPath reported that they waste four and a half hours per week on tasks that could be automated. This adds up to hundreds of hours each year, per employee, that could be dedicated to other revenue-generating activities.

One of the most interesting takeaways from the UiPath survey is that most employees want to add more value at work, but they lack the time to expand their roles or flex all their skills. Among those interviewed, 68% said they would like more time to take on new responsibilities, while 58% believe their jobs don’t give them enough opportunities to be creative.

With this in mind – rather than seeing RPA as a time-saving tool, business leaders could view it as a means to building a more productive, dynamic and motivated workforce. Imagine what your employees could achieve if they could spend less time on robotic tasks and had more hours for  analysis, strategic planning, creative thinking, customer relationship building and so forth.

We can help you empower your people with an RPA solution from UiPath

At Velocity IT, we are proud to be a certified UiPath Partner with the technical skills and automation experience to help you gain maximum value from this market-leading RPA software.

Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Analyse your business and help you identify appropriate automation opportunities 
  • Help you demonstrate the value of RPA to key stakeholders with a proof of concept
  • Work with you to develop a business case for RPA so you can secure support and resources
  • Ensure you understand, map and optimise your processes before automating them  
  • Custom build your UiPath software robot(s) for you
  • Manage the go live process for you and ensure all your IT resources are working together
  • Provide ongoing support and help you scale your automation capabilities as needed

Are you ready to discover what UiPath can do for your business and employees? – Get in touch to arrange a personalised demo of the UiPath platform.