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11 August 2013

Launch a K2 blackpearl Process Instance Overview Report

The K2 blackpearl Process Overview Report is a very useful report and provides a user a 360 degree insight into any K2 blackpearl Workflow instance.  This report is widely used by users and K2 blackpearl developers and is available from the K2 blackpearl Workspace by drilling into a particular K2 blackpearl process instance.

There is an extremely useful way to integrate the K2 blackpearl Process Overview Report into your application and provide user a one click mechanism to access a particular K2 process instance’s report.  This means you can provide a more convienient way for a user to view K2 Workflow state associated with a particular business record or object within a K2 Workflow application screen.

K2 blackpearl Process Instance Overview Report

K2 blackpearl Process Overview integrated into Application

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It is quite simple to implement and the key is having the Url that launches the K2 blackpearl Process Overview report for a particular K2 blackpearl process instance and in this case it’s added to the web.config file as a application setting named K2ProcessOverviewURL
<add key="K2ProcessOverwiewURL" value="http://dlx:81/workspace/tasklistcontrol/ViewFlowReport.aspx?K2Server=dlx:5252&amp;HostServerName=dlx&amp;HostServerPort=5555&amp;ProcInstID={0}&amp;ItemID=0&amp;ItemName=&amp;ItemType=0&amp;ItemInstID=0" />

The key input is the value of the ProcInstID parameter that needs to be set to the K2 blackpearl process instance id.

The link is put together by adding a hyperlink control on a page and setting the Url of the hyperlink in the code behind.

Hyperlink asp.net control:

<asp:Label ID="ProcessOverviewLeftLabel" runat="server" meta_resourcekey="ProcessOverviewLeftLabel"></asp:Label></label><asp:HyperLink
ID="ProcessOverviewHyperLink" meta_resourcekey="ProcessOverviewHyperLink" Target="_blank"
CssClass="readonlylabel" runat="server" ToolTip="Click to view Workflow Overview Report"></asp:HyperLink>

Hyperlink Url setup in code behind:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
ProcessOverviewHyperLink.NavigateUrl = string.Format(AppSettings.K2ProcessOverwiewURL, BusinessObject.SuggestionProcInstId);

The link render at runtime and the Url is set and clicking on the link opens the K2 blackpearl Process Instance report in a new window for the user to explore the Workflow Overview.  The experience is a lot more seamless to users and it feels like the Workflow report is part of the application, rather in a separate application.  This improves the user experience and productivity.

K2 blackpearl Process Overview report

K2 blackpearl Process Overview report opens in a new window for the user

Finally, the user can click on the K2 blackpearl ViewFlow link and view the exact state of the K2 blackpearl process.

ViewFlow from the K2 blackpearl Process Overview report

ViewFlow from the K2 blackpearl Process Overview report

Users need insight into K2 blackpearl process instances and the K2 blackpearl Workspace provides this capability but it is separate the K2 Workflow application.  This can be achieved my integrating the K2 blackpearl process overview link into the K2 Workflow application.

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