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09 January 2018

Keep Your Eyes On IIoT – Your Business Processes Will Thank You

Over the past year we’ve seen IoT reach its tentacles into different areas of our lives. From controlling our gas and electricity, to driving our vehicles. Despite the enormous consumer market success it has had so far, and will have going forward. The real opportunities for IoT lie in its business applications. These investments over the next two years is set to grow more than $600 billion, according to recent PwC research. 

How Is IIoT Different?

A key differentiator of Industrial IoT compared to consumer IoT is security. Whilst the regular consumer may not be all that savvy about avoiding hacks. Businesses are dead serious about safeguarding their innovations and IP. Furthermore, coupled with process automation, IoT input can form part of operational workflow systems that streamline business processes; using data captured by IoT devices. The benefits of this are clear. Smoother, consistent, compliant, more cost-effective and highly optimised business processes.

Why Should Businesses Consider Adopting IIoT?

IIoT is and will increasingly shape every aspect of business processes. It can be adapted to virtually any industry and greatly contributes to cutting back operational costs. Along with greatly increasing production speed. Going forward, we see nothing but further innovations. Such as, incorporating emerging technologies like AI and machine-to-machine communications. Every corner of your organisation can be penetrated by IoT.

How To Get Started

As previously stated, IIoT is looking to make an unprecedented growth in business investment over the next two years. Overtaking consumer IoT by far. Leaders who get the entrepreneurial depths of IoT, understand how this technology will revolutionise entire areas of business. It can entirely change how they scale and operate. The potential returns are high. Which is why business leaders globally are already partnering with technology service providers, to help them leverage IoT technology and reap the enormous benefits it presents.

Velocity IT helps organisations find the best IoT solution for their field. We expertly integrate it into a custom-built software application that orchestrates end-to-end business processes, helping the organisation gain maximum efficiency and ROIs on their IoT investment. Download the white paper to learn why custom-built apps are key to success.


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