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06 October 2014

How to call jQuery or JavaScript code in a K2 SmartForm

Call jQuery or JavaScript K2 smartforms

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that offers enormous productivity gains for web developers. Further more, it is cross platform.  This means jQuery code generally works across all major browsers.

The purpose of K2 SmartForms is to provide no-code, enterprise level form design and run capabilities.  As a best practice, it is advised not to embed jQuery code in K2 SmartForms, however, certain scenarios exist where small amounts of jQuery compliments K2 SmartForm solutions.

So how do you embed jQuery code in K2 SmartForms and call it?

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The example below shows how to display an alert box when clicking on a K2 SmartForm button.  The first thing to do it to drag a button on the K2 SmartForm.

call jquery or javascript k2 smartforms

K2 Appit – Button to attach a jQuery event to

The next step is to set a unique title for the button.  This is used by the jQuery select.

K2 Appit - Button Title for jQuery select code to

K2 Appit – Button Title for jQuery select code to

The next step is to drag a K2 SmartForm data label onto the form.  A K2 expression will be associated with the label.  The expression will host the jQuery code.

K2 Appit - Data Label to host jQuery code

K2 Appit – Data Label to host jQuery code

Ensure the data label is selected and click on the ‘…’ button next to the expression dropdown to select the expression to attach to the K2 SmartForm data label.

Click ‘+Add’ to create a new expression record.

(Please note, expressions are global, hence an expression can be associated with multiple controls in K2 SmartForms.  Please don’t duplicate K2 expressions unless it is absolutely required.)

K2 Appit - Expression attached to Data Label to execute jQuery code

K2 Appit – Expression attached to Data Label to execute jQuery code

Give the expression a meaningful name and paste the jQuery code in the details box.  The example code below attaches a function to the button with the title ‘Action Button’

<script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() { $("[title='Action Button']").click(function() { alert('Hello, jQuery!')});});</script>

Notice the preview contains the full jQuery statement.

K2 Appit - Expression with jQuery code

K2 Appit – Expression with jQuery code

Save the expression and test the solution.

K2 Appit - jQuery code executing on button click

K2 Appit – jQuery code executing on button click

Note the JavaScript alert display when you click on the K2 SmartForm button.  Again, it is advised the amount of jQuery code is kept to a minimum to ensure the K2 SmartForms are maintainable, or that future upgrade does not affect functionality.

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