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09 November 2021

How to automate Your HR Department Processes

HR is a crictical function of any organisation, by taking charge of employee recruitment, onboarding, training, management, disputes and strategic business priorities, HR plays an essential role, to ensure resources or staff teams are working at peak performance.

Efficient processes are the foundation of a successful HR department and during this episode The Automation Guys talk about how to achieve efficiency through the use of process automation technology with examples use cases of the technology applied and the benefits.

Join this episode for a deep-dive into HR automation and how tech can transform every day manual tasks, such as employee on-boarding and leave management to liberate employees and refocus efforts.

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Meet The Automation Guys

Sascha Cutura

I have more than 15 years of experience in process automation and improvement, working with local governments, public sector companies, financial services providers and global logistics companies and am responsible for the strategy and implementation of business process initiatives at various companies worldwide, including Deutsche Bank, KPMG, DHL and SWISS.

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Sascha Cutura

Arno Van Rooyen

As someone who has been working in the enterprise automation space since its infancy 17 years ago, it is wonderful to see so many process automation technologies having their heyday right now. I began this journey as a software development engineer focused on workflow systems, before shifting to business process automation consulting roles.

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Arno Van rooyen

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