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18 May 2018

GUIDE | Upgrading to K2 Five – Why, How, When

How to upgrade to K2 Five

In this Webinar, Roger Peacock from Velocity explains the why, how and when’s of a successful K2 Five upgrade.  Velocity has successfully upgraded K2 Five for numerous customers, and it all starts with a free readiness review you can schedule today.

Velocity has developed a successful methodology for customers wishing to upgrade K2 4.7 to K2 Five.  The aim of the Webinar is to –

  1. Understand the considerations before upgrading to K2 Five
  2. The process to ensure a successful upgrade to K2 Five from K2 blackpearl 4.7
  3. Share Velocity’s unique methodology and experience that will assist you to successfully upgrade to K2 Five

K2 Automated Testing Software

BenchQA allows full test automation of K2, including fully automated K2 SmartForms and K2 Workflow testing. It promotes test driven development for K2 and ensures continued quality assurance for K2 solutions. Easily apply changes to test cases to accommodate changes to K2 apps and ensure all apps are regression tested to avoid defects and assure continuous quality.


Benefits upgrading to K2 Five

  1. K2 Five ships with a brand new workflow designer – complete with an intelligent warning system to avoid workflow configuration errors
  2. New capabilities include a Management interface to granularity configure security and access permissions in K2 Five
  3. The new App Wizards accelerates time-to-market for starter apps to rapidly roll out K2 apps across your business
  4. Improved APIs and integration services – this included K2 integration with Office 365, Exchange Online and Salesforce integration with K2
  5. K2 integration with Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps
  6. Improved workflow analytics
  7. Overall K2 Five platform stability, performance and security enhancements


Key Deadlines

The webinar touches no key deadlines for the end-of-life for K2 4.7 and why it’s important to put the K2 Five upgrade on your road map.


Methodology and Next Steps…

Discover how Velocity’s K2 Five upgrade methodology can help your organisation upgrade effortlessly to K2 Five.


Free K2 Five Upgrade Review