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27 January 2023

Great News: K2 has a bright future!

Great news for all K2 platform users, partners, and advocates as news officially hit the inbox today! Process automation and workflow software giant, Nintex, has announced that the future of the K2 platform is looking brighter than ever. With new updates and features on the horizon, the K2 platform is set to revolutionise the way businesses automate and streamline their processes.

Since Nintex’s acquisition of K2 a little over a year ago, there have been some doubts about the platform’s future. However, Nintex has remained committed to K2, regularly releasing updates and investing in, and maintaining the codebase, addressing technical debt as well as security concerns. These efforts have solidified K2’s position as a core product in Nintex’s portfolio. This is especially exciting for Velocity IT and our K2 partners, as the K2 platform is an essential tool for our business. So, stay tuned for the exciting updates and features that are coming to the K2 platform in the near future!

Here’s a sneak peek of what we can expect from K2:

Nintex have committed to an annual release on NEW K2 Five features – K2 Five, a key product in the Nintex K2 portfolio, offes top-notch automation and app development options for customers using hybrid, private cloud, and on-premises environments.

Great news…the support policy for K2 Cloud has been updated to remove the previously mentioned 2027 end date with indefinte support confirmed!

K2 Cloud features will be released on an regular and ongoing basis.

Coming soon…K2 blackpearl to K2 Five upgrade program, including services and support, to manage the transition!

As part of the K2 roadmap, brand NEW and EXCITING features are coming our way…

We don’t want to brag, but we’re pretty great when it comes to K2. Our team has done some awesome work with the platform and we’re really excited about what’s to come.

Want to know what the future of K2 looks like for your process and automation intiatives?