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03 July 2020

Do you have the digital capabilities to navigate the challenges your business is facing?

Many businesses are realising that digital technology is a key component of a sound business continuity plan. It is also a driver of transformation – powering more efficient, flexible and innovative ways of working that can help businesses weather this crisis and emerge stronger.

As today’s IT teams face a growing list of requests for new technology capabilities and digital assets, they may lack the resources to deliver at the pace of demand. Unfortunately, IT backlogs can become a barrier to business resilience and progress.

To address this issue, companies that want to stay ahead of the game should consider collaborating with an experienced IT partner who can provide the digital flexibility required to manage constant change and disruption.

During times of constant change, your company needs the agility to adapt to new challenges and market conditions. More importantly, your teams need to be equipped with the tools and capabilities to adjust their approaches quickly and strategically when disruptions threaten to derail your business.

Today, any company that hopes to remain competitive must build the capability to maintain operations in the face of uncertainty. With this in mind, there is a growing demand for innovative, digital enterprise tools that support more efficient ways of working – both on premises and remotely.

According to the World Economic Forum, “The unprecedented disruption by COVID-19 is accelerating the urgency for agility, adaptability and transformation.” Digital transformation is being accelerated by the current conditions; and around 70% of new economic value created over the next decade will be driven by digitally enabled organisations.[1]

Is your IT team coping?

As you move towards more digital operating models, you may be placing unprecedented pressure on your IT function. Unfortunately, when requests for new digital solutions are coming in thick and fast, from every direction – even the most organised and well-resourced IT departments can struggle to keep up with demand. It can be incredibly challenging to ramp up innovation when there are still core IT projects and processes that must be maintained.

Rather than letting internal IT backlogs become a drag on business, you could explore the potential of working with a technology partner who has the knowledge and expertise to remove the barriers to digital innovation within your enterprise. A strategic partnership with a digital transformation expert can give your IT function more breathing room; and enable your organisation as a whole to adapt to a fast-changing business landscape.

Why outsource?

Outsourcing has proven to be a popular option for companies looking to scale IT capabilities. A recent YouGov survey found that 70% of business decision-makers outsource critical activities to external service providers.

Working in collaboration with a partner that can offer expert technology advice and implementation support offers a host of advantages.

These include:

  • Access to competencies and expertise that may not be readily available in-house
  • The ability to leverage up-to-date knowledge and innovation
  •  Expert and in-depth assistance with specific technologies
  • The elimination of backlogs and time pressures
  • The flexibility to ramp up capacity when you urgently require more IT resources
  • The ability to free up resources to concentrate on core business activities

Choosing the right partner

We recommend looking for the following attributes in a digital partner:

Broad technology knowledge:

It’s not easy navigating the technology landscape alone. Choosing a partner with extensive technology knowledge and specialist experience in a range of technology fields – such as low-code automation, software robotics and machine learning – allows you to identify the most appropriate software and tap the full potential of your digital investments. With an outsourced partner, you can access this specialist knowledge as you need it, rather than having to attract and retain this (often expensive) talent internally.

A flexible approach:

Ideally, your partner should offer services and support that are tailored to suit your unique processes and business goals. Also, this firm should be able to quickly flex resources up or down to suit your changing needs. This way, you have the agility to increase output without increasing headcount.

Process optimisation expertise:

By collaborating with a partner who offers business consultancy services and process optimisation workshops in addition to technical skills, you can take a process-first approach to digital transformation. You can fix or update ways of working from the ground up, for lasting efficiency and agility gains. This approach also allows you to rethink roles and responsibilities, so you can gain more value from the human resources you already have in place.

Are you ready to explore new opportunities for innovation without pulling resources away from core IT processes or mission-critical business?

Partner with Velocity IT

With decades of experience in the digital transformation field, we are widely respected for our high working standards, extensive technology knowledge and agile project delivery process.

Today, many of our clients face new types of business problems that their existing technology frameworks are unable to solve. As an expert digital partner with specialist knowledge of many innovative technologies, we can help you move your digital capabilities to the next level – as a technology consultant or as an extension of your IT team.


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