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29 September 2016

Days turn into seconds with AppSprint for K2

Velocity IT has developed a revolutionary product called AppSprint for K2 that is disrupting the way we develop K2 Apps. AppSprint uses an ingenious way to quickly generate fully functional K2 Apps by simply uploading an Excel Spreadsheet into K2.  It is an essential part of any K2 customer’s tool set.  It turns days’ worth of development into seconds!

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AppSprint generates the underlying SQL database, relationships and tables for you, and even upload all your data.  What normally takes a few days, takes less than a minute.

Generating your K2 App simply requires an Excel spreadsheet containing your data.  This is not actually a pre-requisite for AppSprint to generate Apps.  If you have an existing database or SmartObjects, simply point AppSprint to them, and it will also generate the K2 App without the need to upload anything.


1 - User's Spreadsheet

To generate a new K2 App, follow the steps below –

1. Open AppSprint

2 - Open AppSprint


2. Select Basic or Advanced

Basic allow you to generate an App with ClickOnce; it really takes a few seconds.  The Advanced option allows you to specify exactly the App’s underlying data structure (types, sizes, etc.), relationships and behavior.

3 - AppSprint Advanced


3. Click Next

Upload your Excel spreadsheet here.

4 - Select Spreadsheet


4.  Click Settings

Setup relationships, change data types and database table names to match your exact specification.

6 - Relationships


7. Form and View Settings

Specify the required K2 App generation options; including the Form’s & View’s names and the K2 theme to use.  Click Next.

5 - Form and View Generation Options


8. App generation

AppSprint is now generating the K2 App.  Click Next when done.

7 - Appsprint generating the K2 App


9. Open K2 Designer

AppSprint created all the Forms and Views; ready to be customized and changed.

8 K2 App Artefacts


10 . Edit the Forms

You can use K2 designer now to edit the forms and tailor it to specification.

9 - K2 Designer View


11. Running the K2 Form

Notice the form is fully functional and integrated with the full K2 stack; including the SQL database.

10 - K2 App

12. Database

Finally, lets look at the database.  AppSprint created all the objects, associations and imported all the data; ready to be viewed and edited in the K2 App.

11 - SQL Database


AppSprint really makes generating K2 Apps easy.  It provides non-technical users the ability to quickly get started using K2.  It also promotes greater K2 Apps in a rapid and consisted way; promoting ease of support and configuration.

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