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17 June 2020

Build digital resilience with low-code technology

If there ever was a time to explore the benefits of low-code technology or stretch the value of an existing low-code investment – it is right now.

Join the growing number of organisations who are using rapid and agile process automation tools to optimise productivity and profitability during these unprecedented times.

During a global crisis, it can be tempting to put your digital transformation plans on the backburner, so you can focus your energy on keeping your business afloat. However, at a time when most organisations are trying to operate as efficiently as possible, often with a workforce that is distracted and fragmented by social distancing measures – digitisation is exactly what your organisation needs.

On one hand, it is highly likely that you will need to adjust or perhaps even re-imagine your core business processes to move away from inefficient, manual approaches that are slowing your teams down. The way you used to work may no longer be capable of addressing the unique challenges and requirements that your organisation faces right now.

On the other hand, you may need new digital solutions to address specific Covid-19 related demands. For example, your organisation may require an application to monitor the health of a large team of employees or a solution for streamlining refund requests in relation to a product or service that is unavailable during the pandemic.

In all these cases, having the applications available to automate manual tasks, digitise data and manage the flow of work from beginning to end is not just a nice-to-have. Rather, this is a critical requirement at a time when remote work is the new normal, cost pressures are ramping up and old ways of working are too slow in a fast-changing environment.

Choosing an application development approach

Building and deploying applications using traditional software development methods may give you the exact functionality you need. However, the lengthy development cycles that are typically associated with this approach are not feasible during times of crisis.

Right now, you need digital solutions in days. You probably also need more than one application to solve pressing business needs and challenges. With traditional ‘coded’ development, each application development cycle must be completed before the next one begins. This means that some teams may wait months and months before they get the digital assets needed to see them through this challenging period.

Accelerate time to market

Technologies that support rapid and agile application development activity have been on the market for some time. Low-code process automation platforms are specifically designed as a speedy and flexible alternative to traditional software programming. In the low-code development environment, time to market is accelerated through the provision of visual user interfaces and drag-and-drop tools. This means that developers do not need to write extensive amounts of code to build and update web and mobile applications.

Using a low-code approach, you can instantly speed up the development cycle – going from concept to prototype, to testing to live in a matter of days. This is a substantial advantage when you consider that it can take months for applications to be delivered using conventional software programming methods.

On a low-code platform, you can customise solutions to your exact needs. You can also automate a range of different processes rather than focusing on one digital transformation project at a time. This means you can not only speed up application delivery, but also scale digitisation and automation through your organisation to solve multiple requirements.

Encourage collaboration

Another benefit of going the low-code route is that it offers a development environment that is so intuitive and user-friendly, that it supports collaboration between the IT department, process automation professionals and subject-matter experts from the relevant business departments.

In other words, a multi-disciplinary team can work together to:

  • Identify and prioritise processes for automation
  • Design applications that closely match user requirements
  • Provide input and feedback throughout the development cycle
  • Encourage end-user buy-in from the beginning
  • Learn through experience and keep optimising the application delivery methodology

In these ways, low-code technology makes it possible for your company to rapidly adapt processes to circumvent current obstacles and meet new types of customer, employee or business needs during the crisis – and beyond.

Of course, if your organisation is already using a low-code solution to automate certain workflows, now is the time to gain more value from your platform. Make it a priority to identify more processes that could benefit from rapid digitisation.

Take advantage of ready-to-run Covid-19 solutions

As mentioned, your company may also have new workloads to manage that are specifically related to the pandemic. For example, you may need a system for managing new training programmes or for sending emergency alerts to your community.

To address this, many of the leading low-code platforms available on the market today have launched a series of out-of-the-box applications that solve these problems. These can be used as they are or quickly customised to address unique and critical needs.

Ready to automate your way through the crisis?

Velocity IT has extensive experience as a low-code process automation specialist. We can help your organisation to select and implement the most appropriate low-code solution, as well as help you to gain maximum value from your low-code investment during the pandemic and in the years to come.