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18 February 2021

Are you ready to combine the power of Nintex Botflows and Workflows?

Have you hit an automation wall? Are you looking to kick digital transformation into a higher gear this year? Read how you can tackle any business problem by uniting Nintex Workflow Automation and Nintex RPA. 

In a world where widespread remote working and low-touch customer service are a reality, organisations are under pressure from all directions—customers, employees and competitors—to fast-forward digital transformation. Gartner, for example, reports that 7 in 10 boards of directors have already accelerated digital business due to the pandemic.

In 2021, however, digital transformation is about more than adopting short-term solutions to keep business ticking over until things return to ‘normal’. Many visionary companies out there are inventing the next normal – and it’s critical not to lag behind.

A new year calls for a new pattern of thinking

Some sectors have already progressed much further on their digital journeys than they perhaps ever imagined. At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, for example, the entire Italian public-sector workforce went from nearly 100% on-premises to 100% virtual working in only a few days. As a report from Forrester puts it, “We’ve expanded the universe of possibilities. We did things that once seemed impossible because we had no choice.”

So, where to next? We believe that 2021 is the year to speed up transformation with technology approaches that break through traditional process optimisation boundaries. It’s also an opportune time to simplify work and make processes as agile as possible, so that your business is prepared for future disruption and crises.

All these goals are well within reach on the Nintex Platform.    

Introducing Nintex Gateway

To help companies unleash their full digital transformation potential this year, Nintex has launched Nintex Gateway. This new feature makes it possible for your teams to combine the power of low-code workflow automation and RPA to scale up the pace and impact of automation in your enterprise. 

This means you can use customer-grade tools to build workflows that streamline your day-to-day processes, by automatically managing the flow of work between various people and systems. You can then build and embed RPA robots that can automatically interact with applications, systems, services and websites using the same screens that humans would use. This frees human workers to focus on other tasks, while the RPA robot works behind the scenes following the same series of process steps each time for optimal consistency, speed and accuracy.    

By combining all these capabilities—and creating workflows that tie together with your ‘botflows’—you can push automation much, much further.

You’re also not limited by legacy systems

In the past, you may have struggled to connect your automation solutions to on-premises SQL server or legacy applications, or to get the functionality you want from applications that have limited API functionality. Nintex botflows overcome this issue by being able to access legacy systems without the need for an API integration development project.

The result? Automation solutions are quicker to build, delivering value to the business faster and easing the IT burden. Also, you’re not limited in what data or which systems you involve in your streamlined, automated processes.  

You can also use the best tool at the best time

Botflows are ideal for a repetitive, rule-based business tasks such as copying and pasting data from one system to another, opening emails and attachments, performing calculations, and collecting data from websites and documents for other systems to use. These are typically the monotonous tasks that use up a lot of time and need to be completed yet are of relatively low value to the business.

Workflows, on the other hand, are ideal for assigning tasks, automatically generating documents and ensuring processes run smoothly the right time, every time.

Working together, botflows and workflows can manage a large proportion of process execution and management activities that would otherwise overload skilled workers.

Is this bad news for humans?

Reducing human involvement in routine, high-volume processes saves time, minimises the risk of human error and  allows you to scale up productivity without increasing headcount. But these benefits are not just aimed at business owners.

Rather than cutting humans out of the picture, a well-orchestrated combination of low-code automation and RPA gives people the opportunity to use their time more constructively. More than a third (37%) of employees surveyed by Nintex say they want their employers to adopt automation software to help them be more productive. Among those respondents who fall into the Generation Z age bracket, 55% ranked automation software as the top workplace productivity tool.

This more visionary approach to automation allows you to treat human resources as the valuable assets they are, while building a happier, more dynamic workplace overall.

There’s a world of automation possibilities open to your business this year. As Nintex process automation experts, we can help you take advantage of them.