How to Implement a Calendar-Based Worklist in K2

An alternative to the K2 worklist control is a web-based Calendar view to display a user’s tasks.  This Outlook-style calendar allows users, at a glance, to view tasks that are upcoming, due and overdue. In this blog post you’ll learn how to implement a calendar-based worklist in K2.


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The Calendar view is a custom K2 control that supports flexible display configurations like colour coding, task stacking and filtering.  It also has an option to display a month, week or day view of tasks.  This is similar to the capabilities Outlook provides and familiar to most users.

The control sources task data from K2 SmartObjects, making it flexible to support a variety of task data sources.

The original K2 Community control was modified to include enhancements and additional features.

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The screenshots below show various configurations of the Calendar:

  1. Meeting calendar with categorisation of meetings and the ability to add post-meeting notes

  1. Full task list showing overdue, due and planned tasks filtered by task types (right hand side dynamic checkbox lists). Calendar months can be scrolled forward and backwards

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