Highlight Edited Row on K2 List View using jQuery

Highlight Edited Record on K2 List View

K2 does not provide out of box functionality to highlight an edited record on list view. Whenever you edit a record and save it K2 does not highlight the record you edited after a list refresh. We can overcome this issue by using combination of jQuery and view rules.

This article will cover the steps on how to highlight the edited row after list refresh with the help of jQuery.

Highlight Edited Row On K2 List View using jQuery - Step 1

Step 1

  • Edit the SmartForm, select the view and give appropriate name to the list view using Properties pane as shown below:Highlight Edite Row On K2 List View using jQuery - Step 1.1

Step 2

  • Add three data labels to the list view as shown below:

Note – Please use the same names for the data labels as they have been used in scripts. Otherwise make sure you are also updating the data label names in the scripts as well. The data label should have unique names in case you have multiple list views on the form and you want to implement this functionality for all the list views.


No Data Label Name Literal Visible
1 DataLabelScript True False
2 DataLabelIsHighlightRow False False
3 DataLabelEditedRowNumber False False

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