Video editing RPA solution

UiPath RPA DEMO | A Quick Route to Video Production

The Demonstration shows a quick route to importing, combining and editing and then exporting finished video content to be published on YouTube using camtasia and You Tube, powered by UiPath RPA Robotics.

Solution Elements

In this 15-minute live demo we’ll show you how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) presents a quick route to importing, combining, editing and then exporting finished Camtasia video content for publication on YouTube.  This solution is brought to you by Velocity IT and powered by UiPath RPA Robotics.



How Robotic Process Automation improves this process:

  • Quickly upload video content on demand
  • Central repository for all video content
  • On-brand content every time
  • Reduction in resource required to upload content
  • Removal of task/time to upload video content

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