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2 - Open AppSprint

Days turn into seconds with AppSprint for K2

Velocity IT has developed a revolutionary product called AppSprint for K2 that is disrupting the way we develop K2 Apps. AppSprint uses an ingenious way to quickly generate fully functional K2 Apps by simply uploading an Excel Spreadsheet into K2.  It is an essential part of any K2 customer’s tool set.  It turns days’ worth of development into seconds!

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Dynamic Email Signatures in K2

This blog post illustrates how to embed an image and text structure as a template for email notifications in a K2 workflow process, providing a more professional look and feel.

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K2 SmartForms

How to generate a PDF file in K2 for a K2 SmartForm

Please note, before getting started, check-in the SmartForm will used to generate the PDF file for.
To generate a PDF file in K2 for a K2 SmartForm, follow the following steps –
1. Select the OOB SmartObject PDF Converter and execute ‘Create PDF From URL’.

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How to debug a custom K2 Service Broker using a Visual Studio Breakpoint

K2 supports custom Service Brokers that allows K2 Developers to connect any data source with a K2 SmartObjects.  During the development process, debugging is useful to troubleshoot your service broker’s code.  In the blog post we show how you can debug a custom K2 service Broker by adding a break point in Visual Studio and attaching to the K2 HostServer process.

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How to use the K2 Workflow Client and K2 SmartObject Client APIs

K2 SmartObjects and K2 Workflows are not limited to only being accessed via K2 SmartForms and Workflows. By using the K2 SmartObject & Workflow API’s you can access SmartObjects and their methods as well as create and start workflows through code.

01 - K2 References

To access K2 SmartObjects you need to connect to the SmartObject Client Server

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Connect to SQL Azure using a custom K2 Service Broker

SQL azure k2

When you want to communicate with a SQL Azure database using K2, it can easily be achieved by following the steps below once you have an SQL Azure database in place –

  1. Create a Class Library Project in Visual Studio
  • Navigate to File.
  • Navigate to New
  • Click New Project
  • Search for the Class Library Project
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