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Multi-User Impersonation in Automated K2 Tests Using BenchQA

In this blog, I will use multi-user impersonation in a BenchQA test case to test multi-user interaction with a K2 SmartForms application.  We will start by submitting a new leave request process using one user, and automatically login as another user to approve the leave request.

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Asynchronous File Download from a K2 SmartForm

Downloading large data files from K2 SmartForms synchronously can sometimes cause performance and user experience issues.  This problem is not limited to K2 and this blog post will show you how to apply a pattern to request a data download from K2 and receive the data via email or a download link for download later.

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Export Dynamic or User Defined Filtered Data From a K2 List View to EXCEL

K2 List View allows users to define custom filters to filter list data based on a user’s required filter criteria. The List View filter feature in K2 is called the User Filter and it is very useful as it provides the user the flexibility to choose their own filter criteria for list data. This is especially useful to create tabular-style reports in K2 where there is a requirement to filter the report by multiple criteria. The issue is that you sometimes want to do something in bulk with the filtered data.

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How to Implement a Calendar-Based Worklist in K2

An alternative to the K2 worklist control is a web-based Calendar view to display a user’s tasks.  This Outlook-style calendar allows users, at a glance, to view tasks that are upcoming, due and overdue. In this blog post you’ll learn how to implement a calendar-based worklist in K2.

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How to implement offline forms in K2

Offline forms in K2 provide a powerful capability to build forms that can be used for information management and workflow task processing while the user’s device is offline. A typical use case is to capture information – for example enter meeting notes and outcomes, upload photos with geolocation offline – directly on an iOS or Android smart device while travelling or in areas with no internet connectivity.

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