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How to Implement a Calendar-Based Worklist in K2

An alternative to the K2 worklist control is a web-based Calendar view to display a user’s tasks.  This Outlook-style calendar allows users, at a glance, to view tasks that are upcoming, due and overdue. In this blog post you’ll learn how to implement a calendar-based worklist in K2.

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How to implement offline forms in K2

Offline forms in K2 provide a powerful capability to build forms that can be used for information management and workflow task processing while the user’s device is offline. A typical use case is to capture information – for example enter meeting notes and outcomes, upload photos with geolocation offline – directly on an iOS or Android smart device while travelling or in areas with no internet connectivity.

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K2 SmartForms

How to avoid Rule Overloading when using Tabs in K2 SmartForms

Loading times play a significant part in every application and effectively managing a K2 SmartForm application’s loading time is not a straightforward task. Many factors contribute to slow performance, but, one of the most common causes of slow performance within a K2 SmartForm application is cluttered forms.

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K2 blackpearl

Example Custom JSON K2 Service Broker

Several people asked me how to implement a custom JSON Service Broker for K2.  There are a few examples out there, but this is a quick reference that will get you up and running.

The first step is to create a custom K2 Service Broker. To create a basic service broker, follow the steps in the previous blog post – “How to create a custom service broker”

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