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Registering a new SQL Server K2 Service Instance and generating associated K2 SmartObjects

The K2 SmartObjects available in the K2 Designer are usually associated with Data Sources registered via the SmartObject Services Tester.

In this blog I’d like to show you not only how to register a new SQL Server Service instance using the K2 SmartObject Services Tester, but generate the associated K2 SmartObjects as well.

For the purposes of this blog I have created a new Database in SQL Server called CompanyDatabase and created three associated tables i.e. Customers, Products and Invoices.

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Figure 1 – Example Database

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K2 Workflow Event Wizards: Drawing on the designer

The K2 Workflow has a couple of nifty features built in to the K2 Workflow Designer. Today we’ll have a look at shortcuts to performing some of the features, using the drawing ability.

With the K2 Workflow Designer open, hold down the right mouse button, and move the mouse in any shape you wish. You will notice that a black line is drawn onto the K2 Workflow Designer surface.

K2 Workflow Event - Figure 1 - Drawing on the K2 Designer surface

Figure 1 – Drawing on the K2 Designer surface

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Exploring the K2 Management Console in K2 Workspace

The K2 Management Console is a crucial part of any K2 Project. You can manage workflow tasks, workflow roles & permissions, server rights, specify working hours as well as view and manage workflow errors.

K2 Management Console - 1

K2 Management Console – 1

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Defining K2 Process Data Fields

K2 Process Data Fields

For those of you that are familiar with a programming language, Data Fields can be seen as a variable. For those of you that are not, a Data Field is simply a place holder for information that can later be accessed from anywhere within the K2 workflow.

The simplest way to create a K2 Data Field is by using the K2 Context Browser. The K2 Context Browser can be accessed from various points throughout the K2 workflow. For example, when we create a new SmartObject Event, we are asked to choose the applicable K2 SmartObject. Even at this point we have access to K2 Data Fields. To view the available Data Fields or create new ones, open the Context Browser and click on the “Process/Activity Data” tab. Expand the “Data Fields” node in the tree view.

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Using the K2 Workflow Event Wizards: Smart Object Event

The SmartObject Event is used to execute methods on the desired SmartObject.

In order to find this component, open up the Toolbox and navigate to the “Event Wizards” section. Find the component labelled “SmartObject Event”, and drag and drop the component onto the designer.

Figure 1 - SmartObject in the Toolbox

Figure 1 – SmartObject in the Toolbox

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Working with K2 SmartForms Confirmation Messages

Confirmation messages in K2 SmartForms are very intuitive to use straight out of the box, but K2 also gives you the power to modify them to your own specific needs.

1 - K2 SmartForms Confirmation Message - SmartForm Layout

1 – K2 SmartForms Confirmation Message – SmartForm Layout

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Validation input with K2 SmartForms – Part 4 : Simple Server Side Validation

In this article, Part 4 of our series on validation with K2 SmartForms, we will be looking at server side validation. There are a few options available and the method below is by no means the only way to achieve server side validation, but it should suffice for the most common server side validation requirements.

Let first recall our sample application and just revisit what we are trying to accomplish. The client side interface of our demo application looks as follows:

1 K2 SmartForms Server Validation - SmartForm

1 K2 SmartForms Server Validation – SmartForm

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K2 Workflow Event Wizards: Default Client Event

Last week we gave you a brief introduction to the world of K2 Workflows by showing you how to create a new K2 Workflow project in Visual Studio 2013.

Now that we have an empty K2 Workflow project to work with, we can start to create the workflow.

A K2 Workflow consists of components dragged and dropped from the Toolbox onto the Designer and then connected with lines that indicate the flow. In this blog we’ll discuss one of these components: the Default Client Event.

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