Mastering K2 Out of Office Delegation

Out of Office delegation is an extremely useful K2 feature that allows users to delegate tasks. When delegation is not configured correctly tasks can get lost, delegated users may not receive tasks or might be unable to action them.


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Three sections need to be configured to ensure effective use of K2 Out of Office delegation:

  1. Out of Office settings
  2. Destination Users
  3. Multiple forms (e.g. General tab & action tab forms)

We will look at the correct configuration of Out of Office users, setting up workflow destination users as well as illustrating a way to action tasks using different forms.

SECTION 1 – Setting up Out of Office

It is important that the correct steps are followed when setting up Out of Office. Setting up delegation users can be done by either the K2 administrator(s) or the user whose tasks need to be delegated.

Users can set up their Out of Office within the worklist control, whereas Administrators can do this in the management console within K2 Workspace.

Use these links to set up Out of Office:

If a delegated user has been set up (as described in the links above) and the task has been opened, you can assign the task to the delegated user. This will by default remove the task from the originator’s worklist. However, there is a function in the Open/Action method in SmartForms to overwrite this if needed.

If ‘no’ is selected as the preferred allocate option, any of the shared users can claim the task to action it.

SECTION 2 – Configure Destination Users

It is good to set the destination user(s), plan the activity per destination and then select the Create a slot for each destination option within the workflow.

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