Display User Friendly Error Messages in K2 SmartForms

When developing K2 SmartForms, most developers tend not to implement user friendly messages. In this blog, we will go through step-by-step how to implement error handling that results in a  user-friendly K2 error message being displayed to the users when an error is raised.  The method for doing this in K2 SmartForms is similar to how we do it for conventional .NET applications.


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Let’s see how to implement this.

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The screenshot below shows an example implementation with each of the steps to follow to implement error handling in K2 SmartForms that displays user-friendly messages upon the “If an error occurred” SmartForm condition:


First, use the “If an error occurred” condition to catch the error and then transfer the error message to the form/view parameter.


We must use the action “continue to next execution” otherwise the rule will stop executing after transferring the error message to the parameter.

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