Google Analytics in K2 Application

Enabling Google Analytics in a K2 SmartForm

Adding Google Analytics in a K2 SmartForm is just as easy as enabling it on a conventional web application. This process can be further simplified when using a common view within the K2 application. 


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Step 1

Log in and locate the existing Google Analytics site Tracking ID. Not yet step up Google Analytics? Then go ahead and create and set up a Google Analytics account  and make a note of the newly created Google Analytics Tracking ID.

Step 2

Create a common view that can be reused on all or most of the forms; this would typically be a header view, but can also be a hidden view.

By making use of a common view, it is only neccessary to add the Google Analytics tracking code to a single view, the result being that all pages making use of this view will then be automatically tracked.

Step 3

Add a data label to the common view (anywhere on the view)

 Data Label Control

Data Label Control

Data Label Layout

Data Label Layout

Step 4

Update the properties of the data label to:

  • Visible – unchecked
  • Literal – checked

Data Label Properties

Data Label Properties

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