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Highlight Edited Row on K2 List View using jQuery

Highlight Edited Record on K2 List View

K2 does not provide out of box functionality to highlight an edited record on list view. Whenever you edit a record and save it K2 does not highlight the record you edited after a list refresh. We can overcome this issue by using combination of jQuery and view rules.

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Liberty Create How To

Liberty Create – Mathematical Calculation and Validation using Fragment Callback and Fragment Validators

There is no direct way in Liberty Create Build Studio where we can perform a calculation and validation using multiple fields on client side, and show total or compare values between fields as we change any of the field values on form.

However, we have a solution! This can be achieved using the Code Studio – Fragment Callback and Fragment Validator.

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#1 Getting Started with benchQA | Create Your First Project

benchQA is Velocity IT’s test automation tool developed exclusively to automatically test applicaitons built using the K2 low-code platform.  With over a decade of experience of working with delivering successful automation projects using K2, Velocity IT have fine-tuned this this handy and time-saving test automation tool to support K2 developers with the efficient delivery of their projects – the licence for benchQA is free to subscribers, get started today, download your copy of benchQA.

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UiPath Custom Activity

UiPath Custom Activity to Generate a SSRS Report

The UiPath Custom Activity in this demo will generate a report that is hosted in SSRS and save it with a specific name in a specific location. (The report will be saved in a PDF format).  You should be able to create a Custom Activity for any other functionality that might be required where the current activities within UiPath does not meet your desired outcome.

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AI Facial Recognition Using UiPath

How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Facial Recognition using UiPath

In this blog we use a facial recognition Artificial Intelligence cognitive service for recognising a human face for the purpose of identity verification.

A typical scenario is an identity verification process when applying for credit.  The person applying for credit uploads an image of their government issued passport or driving licence and also uploads a selfie using a mobile phone registered to them.

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How to create an automatic updater for an application using .net

Most of the automatic updaters require a FTP connection to pull the updates from the server and push it to the clients. Sometimes this FTP might create some security threats for the server and the organisation as a whole. In this article, we are going to see an alternative way of creating an automatic updater just by using a database.

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K2 5.3 New Release Features

Low-Code software experts K2 have announced the full extent of the new 5.3 release which came out during early May, our team of tech experts have been getting to grips with the numerous enhancements to the platform, here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and what we really like.

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Excel Export in Mendix

Excel Export in Mendix

Exporting to Microsoft Excel is an important day-to-day requirement of many business users, however, in Mendix there is presently no out-of-the-box feature that allows you to directly export to an Excel file. This blog will describe the process of configuring a 3rd party control that will give the ability to export Mendix data directly to Excel.


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Custom Java in Mendix

Custom Java Actions in Mendix

There is no direct way in Mendix where we can call Java code.  To include any custom Java code, we can use Java Actions.  This article will cover the steps on how to add and make use of a Java Action. We will be using simple Java program for different mathematical calculation operations – for example, Add, Subtract and Multiply.

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Configuring an Anonymous K2 SmartForms Runtime site

In K2, it is possible to create multiple runtime sites with different authentication types in the same server. In this article we will see how to create an anonymous K2 SmartForms Runtime site with anonymous access for public users.

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