Software & Infrastructure Engineer – India

Role:   Software & Infrastructure Engineer

Location: Bangalore, India

Employment: Full-Time

Salary: Dependent on Experience


Velocity is a UK-based company that specialises in providing customers business optimisation solutions using cutting edge technologies.  Due to exceptional growth Velocity IT are recruiting for a Full-Time Software & Infrastructure Engineer with exceptional content management skills to join our team in Bangalore, India.

This is an exciting opportunity for an individual that is passionate about maintaining and managing the software and hardware portfolio of a modern software development company.

As an industry leading IT services provider, Velocity IT prides itself in the delivery of high-quality software solutions for many prestigious clients, worldwide and as such the successful candidate will be hardworking and committed to this cause.  This role will be based in the Velocity IT office in Bangalore, India.  As part of the role international travel may be required.



Requirements of the Role


As the Software & Infrastructure Engineer you will be responsible for deploying and maintaining a cutting-edge software and hardware infrastructure estate at Velocity IT.   You will be a go-to specialist for the development team to advise on the best deployment and maintenance options for the software solutions presented.

Using your experience you will advise on the latest progressive software and hardware technology trends and incorporate this into the company’s infrastructure landscape. You will be a thought leader in a ‘Cloud-first’ approach when evolving the Velocity IT hardware and software infrastructure portfolio and will exhibit an absolute passion for technology and advanced infrastructure design, setup and management.


The Software & Infrastructure Developer will have the following duties:

  • Maintain the existing Windows and Office 365 / Azure Velocity IT network, servers, operating systems and software.  This includes, but not limited to:
    • Setup new server environments (virtual and physical) on-prem and in Azure, including installation of Windows operating systems and other server-based packages and services, while working in collaboration with the procurement team to provide the most cost-effective options for procuring software packages.
    • Upgrade existing on-prem and Azure server environments (virtual and physical), including regular patches and upgrade to security software (including anti-virus packages).
    • Maintain on-prem infrastructure including: servers, routers, switches, printers and LAN infrastructure, including periodic updates to all manufacture’s firmware.
    • Maintain a detailed asset log of each physical asset within the business and a maintenance & end-of-life plan that includes replacement options for said hardware, while ensuring the cost effective procuement of hardware working in collaboration with Velocity IT Procurement.
    • Administrate the company’s Active Directory, Azure AD, DNS, VPN, Hyper-V and IIS services.
    • Administrate the company’s Office 365 tenancy, including maintaining SharePoint Online and Dynamics 362.


  • Maintain all end-user desktops, laptops, smart devices and associated software.  Duties include but not limited to:-
    • Setup new desktop environments (virtual and physical) – installation of Windows operating systems and other client-based packages, working alongside procurement to source a cost-effective and fit for purpose solution.
    • Maintain Windows operating systems and end-user software packages, including periodical rollout of patches controlled by Group Policy.
    • Maintain a robust password and security policy, including physical data encryption and 2 factor user authenticationthroughout the business.
    • Provide an effective helpdesk for end-user support to troubleshoot any issues relating to server and client equipment (for example servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones).
    • Standardise the end-user devices and equipment across the organisation.


  • Maintain all other sundry hardware equipment including printers, large storage drives, projectors, conference calls facilities, monitors and sensory devices.


  • Maintain system and infrastructures security protocols and procedures throughout the business.  This includes 2-factor authentication and encryption and monitoring/alerting procedures in place to ensure the infrastructure is secure and action plans for any breaches.  As part of these duties a periodic security review will highlight any security issues and provide remedial actions for these.


  • Setup and maintain a robust backup and disaster recovery plan for the company’s software and hardware portfolio and infrastructure.


  • Setup and maintain infrastructure health check monitoring procedures and action plans how to deal with issues.


  • Document infrastructure design, setup and maintenance processes/procedures/policies in easy to use guides to assist future management of the infrastructure.


  • Maintain all documents by means of periodic reviews.  Create a Wiki for internal users to use for FAQs and self-troubleshooting help.


  • Document and maintain all shared access credentials – for example connecting to 3rd party systems and networks.  Test access to 3rd party systems periodically and verify connectivity.


  • Provide management periodic reports of the health of the infrastructure, including security health check results and physical asset ageing and replacement plans.


Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • At least 8 years’ proven professional experience in a similar role(s).


  • Degree or equivalent Microsoft technical qualification.


  • Exceptional written and verbal English skills for internal and external facing documentation relating to communications and engagements is a absolute must.  This includes:
    • Communications to customers relating to infrastructure related matters.
    • How to guides for internal staff.
    • Network design documentation and Wikis for internal staff.


  •  Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills to solve complex infrastructure issue quickly and effectively.


  • Proven experience in installing and maintaining Windows-based server operating systems and services, including:
    • Server resource estimation and allocation (disk space and memory allocation based on business demands).
    • Active Directory.
    • Azure Active Directory.
    • Office 365 – including SharePoint online.
    • DNS.
    • VPN.
    • Hyper-V.
    • Group policy.
    • Automated install and maintenance via PoweShell an advantage.
    • Anti-virus installation and maintenance.


  • Proven experience installing and maintaining server-based software including SQL Server editions; SQL jobs and SQL server upgrade.


  • Proven experience installing and maintaining Windows-based client operating systems and applications. including Windows 8/10, Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite.


  • Proven experience procuring and maintaining software and hardware (server and client) assets, including:
    • Work with procurement to find best licence options for software packages.
    • Work with procurement to find the best options for hardware assets.
    • Upgrade hardware assets based on business demands or replace assets at end-of-live.
    • Maintain a database of all company software and assets.


  • Proven experience maintaining network hardware infrastructure, involving:
    • Configuration and maintainance of routers, corporate firewall, servers and all firmware.


  • Experience installing and maintaining 3rd party server software, specific experience in K2, Mendix, UiPath, BluePrism and MatSoft and Dynamics 365 would be adventageous.


  • Experience setting up and maintaining an IT support desk for both internal and external facing stakeholders, and an understanding of Zendesk would be a distinct advantage.


  • Proven experience setting up, testing and maintaining a company wide systems and platform disaster recovery plan.  This includes hardware and software assets.


  • Proven experience setting up, testing and maintaining a company wise backup system and restore plan.


  • Experience in setting up pro-active system health check and monitoring processes and action plans for incident management.


  • Proven experience documenting all aspects of infrastructure setup and maintenance duties in easy to use guides.


  • Ability to work independently and be self-motivated.


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