Process Automation Specialists

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps firms to optimise resources, elevate performance and maintain a competitive advantage. In industries where growing regulatory pressures, data volumes and customer expectations are a challenge, RPA can lighten the load. RPA solutions can be configured to automate routine, repetitive and time-consuming processes by using software ‘bots’ that operate on application user interfaces (UI) in the same way a human would – only much faster and more accurately.

How to get started with RPA

To get started with RPA, before heading off to a software bot provider, book a one-day RPA solution discovery workshop with a process automation specialist like Velocity. We go beyond the tech and take a wider approach to process automation in a way that brings true business benefits. We will be able to help you identify which processes actually need software bots and how they can help streamline the process.

Our consultants will ensure your process is lean and optimised, before helping you select the right software bot provider. We will then work together with the provider to ensure the results are timely and accurate. Furthermore, Velocity uses low and no-code technology to automate processes, and enables all clients to manage their automation without the need of help from the IT department. This means you’ll be in full control.

Learn more about Robotics Process Automation

Here at Velocity, we are specialists in Business Process Automation (BPA) and have teamed up with RPA technology partners to help organisations adopt robotics to improve and optimise their business processes. Here, you will learn more about what RPA is, how it can benefit your organisation, and which steps you need to take to implement RPA within the company.