Automated PowerPoint Presentation using UiPath & K2 | Property Management

In this short video, we showcase how robotic process automation (RPA) can be used to replace a set of manual processes to deliver a professional Microsoft PowerPoint that dynamically presents a property portfolio for letting agents to use as part of their sales tool kit. This RPA solution is powered by UiPath using a K2 SQL Database to deliver a professional Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


The benefits of deploying the ‘Bots’:

  • Act as an extension of your team – a virtual workforce
  • Transform mundane transactional tasks
  • Operate 24/7 x 365 with no downtime
  • Rapid implementation
  • Increase accuracy of data
  • Liberate staff from mundane tasks
  • Aid resource reallocation
  • Increase job satisfaction & staff retention
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Provide easy to measure ROI
  • Scales with your business

What else can ‘Bots’ do for my business?

When it comes to enhancing your workforce with the addition of Robotic Process Automation, it’s more a case of ‘what can’t Bots’ do?  the Answer, in theory is, if you have a process that follows a certain workflow of steps and rules then you can automate it with RPA. Here are just a few examples of functions within every organisation that could benefit from the inclusion of robotic automation:


Accounts Receivable Automation
Accounts Payable Automation
Accounts Recon Automation
Invoicing & Remittance
Purchase to Purchase Payment
Purchase Requisition
Travel & Expense Processing
Data Extraction and Reporting
Fraud Detection
Intercompany Recharging


Contract Renewals
SLA Management
Underwriting and Account Creation
Order Processing
Record Amendments


Application & CV Processing
Interview & Feedback Notifications
Employee On-Boarding
File & Data Management
Employee Induction & Training
Monthly Payroll Automation
Company Survey’s/Employee Surveys
Attendance Records & Time-Keeping
Criminal Checks & Referencing

Process Automation in Action

Velocity IT deliver process automation solutions to support organisations on their journey to digital transformation, check out the solutions that we have delivered for our clients…

Process Automation Solutions

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