Resource Saving RPA Solution for SharePoint

RPA DEMO | Resource Saving Solution for Managing SharePoint Property Asset Manager

In this demo we show you how the manual task of extracting information from open-source Land Registry data is improved and streamlined through assigning a digital worker (RPA Bot) to the task.  You will observe how the bot automatically reads and extracts data from HM Registry documents and creates a new record held within a SharePoint Asset Manager.

Solution Elements

In this latest demonstration of the capability of RPA we take the example of an everyday task, common in the property industry. When a company acquires a new property, a process for adding that property data is followed. This process involves accessing HM Land Registry documents and obtaining title registration information.  In most cases this is a heavily manual task as data resides outside of the procuring company’s control, therefore it relies on a combination of paper-based and manual data-entry by a human workforce.


How Robotic Process Automation improves this process:

  • 15 times faster per record
  • Removal of manual input error
  • Reallocate resource from mundane task to higher value business functions

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