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RPA DEMO | Automating a Customer Change of Address Process

Customer and supplier data is an ever-changing landscape, many organisations still operate critical data changes via a manual process whereby all or part of the accuracy and timely actions rely on a human worker or workforce – in this short demo we show you how easy is to liberate your workforce from the loborious task of manual data entry.

Solution Elements

In this short video we’ll show you the conventional process of manual data entry for change of address, followed by a UiPath automation solution that quickly and easily removes the manual nature of this common business admin task.


How Robotic Process Automation improves this process:

·      Improves process completion by offering speed of delivery improvement of up to x5 times faster

·      Removes need for manual labour to complete task

·      Improves accuracy of how data is managed within the business

·      Improves processing times as records are updated in real-time

·      Opportunity to reallocate workforce to higher value business tasks

Discover Process Automation Solutions

Velocity IT deliver process automation solutions to support organisations on their journey to digital transformation, check out the automation solutions that we have delivered for our clients or find out how to get started in 3 easy steps. 


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