What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

In this video, we explain what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is, how ‘software bots’ can help your organisation scale and presents a practical demo how to deploy a solution to automate business activities.  Velocity has successfully implemented RPA for numerous customers, and it all starts with a free discovery session you can schedule today.

Velocity has an extensive track record implementing RPA solutions and the aim of the Webinar is to share some of our experiences and benefits of RPA, including –

  • Explaining in simple terms what RPA is
  • The types of activities and processes RPA bots can automate
  • Exploring the benefits of RPA
  • A live demo of a RPA solution built using UiPath


Business benefits of deploying RPA


  • Rapid deployment of automation solutions that replaces mundane, repetitive human activities by automated robotic activities
  • Quick productivity gains
  • Redeployment of valuable human resources to value added activities
  • Reduced labour and HR expenses
  • Consistent and accurate data entry
  • Automatic compliance and regulatory audibility
  • Easy multi-source data processing capabilities
  • Easy integration into legacy back-end systems
  • Rapid and easy to measure ROI


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