Quick Guide to K2 Nexus

Quick Guide to K2 Nexus: The next wave of low-code automation

K2 Nexus is the next generation of low-code business automation software from K2. This intelligent process automation platform and suite of solutions makes it even easier to automate and continually optimise every process in your organisation, with little to no code.


Powered by 20 years of innovation in the field, the K2 Nexus cloud based platform helps to deliver results faster and orchestrate performance excellence in any industry – seamlessly connecting information and work across people, processes and systems.


In a world where many businesses have a cloud-first mind-set, K2 Nexus enables companies to break down more barriers with patented cloud integration services. With this technology, it’s easier to make process automation and management solutions securely available to partners and customers. It’s also simpler to support a remote workforce – even as working arrangements scale up and down to meet evolving social distancing guidelines.


More K2 Nexus benefits:


  • Save money

    Access enterprise-grade architecture, scalability, capabilities and security in a more cost-efficient way.


  • Automate more

    Spend more time building apps and less time maintaining infrastructure.


  • Stay competitive

    With the latest updates to the K2 platform instantly accessible, you can take advantage of new innovations as they’re released.


  • Reduce risk

    More control over security and compliance keeps your apps and environments secure. The platform is also supported by geo-specific data centres.



Leverage Nexus at your own pace


When it comes to the K2 Nexus migration path, you have the flexibility to choose your approach – no matter whether you are an existing K2 customer or new to the platform.


At Velocity, we take a consultative approach and help you to find the adoption strategy that suits your organisation best. If you need time to explore and evaluate the service before transitioning fully, that’s perfectly fine with us.


Depending on your individual business needs, you can choose one of the following pathways:


1.       Get started with K2 Nexus immediately and explore the innovation it has to offer


2.       Continue with assurance with K2 Five and implement K2 Nexus at a time and pace that suits your organisation


Why partner with Velocity for your K2 Nexus Upgrade?


As K2 Professional Service providers, we have more than 15 years of experience in the delivery and implementation of K2 solutions, for organisations globally. Velocity can act as an extension of your in-house resources or as your automation project leaders, delivering concept-to-creation support for your K2 apps and assets.


Whatever adoption path you choose, our team of K2 experts will guide you every step of the way – from the decision-making process to the implementation of the transition itself.


4 Steps to K2 Nexus success with Velocity


  1. Discovery

    We analyse your current K2 environment and/or IT eco-system, to make sure you are fully prepared for your migration to K2 Nexus.

  2. Upgrade

    Armed with the insights we need and a clear plan for migration, we upgrade you to the latest version of K2 on-prem. This is a seamless and organised process, which has zero impact on your current apps or developments.

  3. Set Up Cloud

    Depending on the path you have selected, we will either deploy your K2 Nexus solution or set up your managed K2 Private Cloud and then configure any existing apps located in your on-prem version.

  4. Update & Deploy

    The last phase involves equipping your K2 apps with new tooling and approaches before we finally deploy everything into K2 Nexus.

Ready to get started or interested in finding out more?


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