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23 Apr 2024

Strategic Growth and Innovation: Velocity IT has been acquired by Core Technology Systems

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Velocity IT by Core Technology Systems (Core), a leading managed service provider in the UK IT Channel. This acquisition is a significant step in both Velocity…

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18 Sep 2023

The Advantages of Automation in the World of Insurance

Businesses are continually looking for ways to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience. The insurance industry, often seen as traditional and slow to change, is not immune to this transformation. The integration…

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23 Aug 2023

A Guide to Low-Code Development

In the world of technology, efficiency is crucial. We all want solutions that are both quick to develop and adaptable to ever-changing needs. Enter low-code development, a modern approach that’s transforming the way businesses…

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08 Aug 2023

Streamlining Operations with Microsoft Power Automate

Organisations constantly search for tools to streamline operations and improve productivity. Enter Microsoft Power Automate – a service designed to automate workflows between apps and services. It bridges gaps between different software products, ensuring…

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12 Jul 2023

Revolutionising HR Processes: Unleashing the Power of RPA and AI

The human resources (HR) department plays a vital role in any organisation, responsible for managing employees, ensuring compliance, and fostering a positive work environment. However, traditional HR processes often involve repetitive and time-consuming tasks…

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30 Jun 2023

The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Business Growth

Unleash the transformative power of AI in your business, revolutionising operations, driving efficiency, and propelling growth to unprecedented heights.

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15 May 2023

How to Identify Business Process Bottlenecks

Efficiency and productivity are crucial elements for any organisation aiming to achieve success. In order to optimise processes and improve overall business performance, it is essential to identify and address business process bottlenecks. A…

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03 May 2023

Top use cases for process automation in the insurance industry

Automation can bring numerous benefits to the insurance sector by streamlining processes, reducing manual work, improving accuracy, and enhancing customer experiences. There are several areas within the insurance industry where automation can be applied…

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10 Mar 2023

Revolutionising Business Communication: How Conversational Apps Like Druid AI are Transforming Operations

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s crucial to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. That’s where conversational business applications like Druid AI come in. Druid AI is a…

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03 Feb 2023

Citizen Development: Driving Improved Practice and Faster Processes

Citizen development refers to the practice of empowering non-technical employees to create, modify and customise applications to meet specific business needs. This approach is transforming the way organisations work by enabling faster and more…

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30 Jan 2023

ATS Euromaster achieve Netcall App of the Year Win!

It was great to see ATSEuromaster recognised in the 2023 Netcall APP of the Year awards, with a win for their business eCAF APP – ATS Euromaster embarked upon the digital transformation of their end to end customer…

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25 Jan 2023

10 steps to take when implementing a successful RPA programme.

Implementing a successful RPA (Robotic Process Automation) program can help a business increase efficiency and reduce errors. RPA involves using software robots to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks that are typically performed by humans….

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09 Jan 2023

Simple answers to critical questions on case management solutions, integration and analytics

As we’re always looking to make automation simpler, we’re working on clarifying some of the more confusing tech terms that you come across in the automation landscape. In Part 1, we focused on process…

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17 Jul 2022

Key questions on process mining, RPA, AI and chatbots answered

There are so many technology terms floating around today, it can be easy to confuse them and yourself! We have put together this guide to help you understand what process mining, robotic process automation…

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08 Jun 2022

Quick Guide to Low-Code

So many tech terms buzzing around but too little time to ? We are here to help. Low-code it is one of those deceptively simple terms that is not always easily understood outside of…

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12 May 2022

Let your people focus on what they do best. RPA can handle the rest.

With the tech that’s available today, it no longer makes sense for extraordinary people to spend time on ordinary tasks that could easily be automated. Yet, a recent UiPath survey found that office workers…

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26 Mar 2022

How Process Mining Unlocks your Automation Potential

When you get automation right, you can dramatically improve productivity, performance and your customer experience. But what is the point of automating processes if you aren’t sure where your processes were going wrong in…

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21 Feb 2022

Build a Hyperautomation Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Instead of adopting Hyperautomation technologies in silos, we encourage our clients to take a cohesive, enterprise-wide approach. The establishment of a Hyperautomation Centre of Excellence (CoE) is the recommended way to embed hyperautomation deeply…

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29 Jun 2021

Velocity partner with Conversational AI Global Leader DRUID

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with leading Chatbot software firm DRUID which will further enable us to help our existing and prospective clients to get the most out of their artificial…

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22 Apr 2021

Rethinking the role of IT in a post-Brexit, post-COVID landscape

Digital technology has a central role to play in helping organisations across the UK manage the combined impact of Brexit and COVID. But how can the IT function keep up with demand, when innovation…

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10 Mar 2021

Put app development into hyperdrive with a Netcall Digital Factory

The time has come to take the brakes off your technology modernisation strategy. Rather than viewing digital transformation as a huge, long-term IT project, break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks and set…

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18 Feb 2021

Are you ready to combine the power of Nintex Botflows and Workflows?

Have you hit an automation wall? Are you looking to kick digital transformation into a higher gear this year? Read how you can tackle any business problem by uniting Nintex Workflow Automation and Nintex…

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15 Feb 2021

7 TOP TIPS: How to Leverage Low-Code to Stay Afloat & Sail Ahead in 2021

If you’re planning to cut costs, boost efficiency and run more processes digitally this year, low-code automation can provide you with the tools for success.

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08 Jan 2021

2021: The year to fast-track CX with low-code

In a socially distanced world, there’s no doubt that technology needs to play a larger role in your CX strategy. But how do you go digital when you simply don’t have the resources to…

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16 Dec 2020

Automate out of the slow lane

83% of businesses are now focused on digital innovation. In disrupting the world of work, the pandemic has triggered a tsunami of automation. Let’s look at how your organisation can harness technologies like RPA,…

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08 Oct 2020

Agile automation helps you plan ahead

While the crisis is far from over, many businesses are dusting themselves off and figuring out next steps as economic activity picks up. Right now – and perhaps for a long time to come…

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19 Aug 2020

Digitise Your Processes and Re-connect your Workforce, Here’s How

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted operations and stopped many business processes in their tracks. Now that people are struggling to access paper records and pass files from desk to desk, manual methods are defunct….

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08 Jul 2020

Move your digital transformation programme into the fast lane

While many companies were planning to digitise their processes at some point in the near future, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought digital transformation deadlines forward. A survey conducted in Europe found that around 70%…

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03 Jul 2020

Do you have the digital capabilities to navigate the challenges your business is facing?

Many businesses are realising that digital technology is a key component of a sound business continuity plan. It is also a driver of transformation – powering more efficient, flexible and innovative ways of working…

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17 Jun 2020

Build digital resilience with low-code technology

If there ever was a time to explore the benefits of low-code technology or stretch the value of an existing low-code investment – it is right now. Join the growing number of organisations who…

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09 Jun 2020

COVID-19, a catalyst for digital innovation? Here’s how low-code solutions can help

The COVID-19 pandemic has fragmented the workforce and interrupted critical processes in every function. While companies are under pressure to cut costs, optimise resources and build business resilience, many are also managing and supporting…

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10 Mar 2020

Build a strong remote workforce with the help of RPA

Working remotely doesn’t suit every role and industry. However, When applied to the right people and company cultures, this approach can offer multiple benefits to an organisation.

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14 Feb 2020

The Age of the Digital Worker Is Upon Us

The rapid pace of growth and development in the business software field has reached an inflection point. Innovative digital solutions are no longer only accessible to large corporations. Now, virtually any business can use…

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10 Feb 2020

What’s the best software testing approach in the low-code application development environment?

Many enterprises want tools that enable them to build quality applications as rapidly and efficiently as possible. The right software testing approach not only reduces development cycle times, but also helps to ensure that…

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29 Jan 2020

Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) FAQs

We’ve given you a rundown of the most frequently asked questions around RPA, which is a great solution when you are looking to hand-off repetitive process oriented tasks to robots to complete with speed…

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15 Jan 2020

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) FAQs

Now that you’re fully up-to-speed with low-code (if you want a recap, you can read our low-code FAQ here) it nicely leads us into the most frequently asked questions that we get to answer…

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14 Jan 2020

What will automation look like in 2020?

In this article, we unpack the concept of Hyperautomation and ask whether your organisation is ready for this new digital transformation strategy.

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11 Dec 2019

Integrate and automate processes across multiple systems with a simple, powerful alternative to API

Many companies believe that process automation is a disruptive and expensive exercise. Here’s a way to leverage market-leading automation technologies without blowing your budget or losing existing software assets.

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15 Nov 2019

Process Automation Solutions – Part 2: A smarter way to put your unstructured data to work

Modern businesses operate in a data-driven environment. There’s a need to constantly access and process information and content that comes in from customers, suppliers, employees, potential business partners and other stakeholders.

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09 Oct 2019

Process Automation Solutions – Part 1: An intelligent way to maximise your RPA intiatives

Robotic process automation has become a focus point in the global automation landscape. During 2018, RPA was the fastest-growing enterprise software segment internationally, according to research conducted by Gartner; with total RPA market revenue…

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19 May 2019

Smarter Automation for Financial Services

The financial services industry has been using automation technologies for some time now, to remain efficient, profitable and relevant in a fast-evolving industry. Recently, however, there’s been a shift in focus from automating manual…

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23 Apr 2019

Is RPA the answer to Excel Hell?

Microsoft Excel is widely relied upon as a data management tool. Many teams and departments use spreadsheets on a daily basis to collect, organise, manipulate and model data for use across a broad range…

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25 Mar 2019

Bots can deliver rapid results and immediate ROI

Digital transformation is a concept that’s constantly shifting shape. As new technologies are trialled, lessons are learned and businesses adapt their thinking, priorities are evolving. After research revealed that more than 50% of digital…

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18 Mar 2019

Exploring the benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Software Robotic Process Automation (or RPA for short) is used to automate every-day, rules-based tasks.  RPA solutions, often referred to as ‘bots’, can be configured to manage mundane business activities independently and in many cases, with…

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27 Feb 2019

Business-led digital transformation

Business optimisation through technology is a focus area for many organisations today. According to Brian Kropp, group vice president of Gartner’s HR practice, more than two-thirds of business leaders believe that their organisations could…

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16 Jan 2019

How will 2018’s business optimisation trends evolve in 2019?

Disruptive market entrants, growing customer demands and advancing digital technologies all played their role in shaping the way that organisations optimised their operations during 2018.

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01 Jul 2018

The Role Of CIO Is Transforming: 4 Ways of Staying Relevant

Due to the speed of innovation in digital technology within business, the role of the CIO has seen numerous changes over the last couple of decades. Now, however, it is seeing a total transformation.

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01 Jul 2018

Why “I’m Not Technical” Is No Longer An Excuse

It’s a daily business dilemma in the era of digital transformation: modern software solutions can offer a whole world of possibilities with regards to streamlining processes, reducing inefficiency and boosting productivity, but the IT…

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19 Jun 2018

IoT or Big Brother? 5 concerns to consider before embarking on an IoT initiative

It’s estimated that there are already 23 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) in use worldwide, and it is estimated that the figure will swell to anywhere from 31 billion to…

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13 Jun 2018

Industrial déjà vu? How to automate without putting jobs at risk

Recent years have seen automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) being implemented across every industry. While this technology has many business benefits – such as boosting efficiency and productivity and saving costs –…

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07 Jun 2018

The Digital Transformation CIO vs CFO Battle Is Getting Easier

Since its inception over the last ten years, the process of digital transformation in a corporate sphere has been slowed somewhat due to the ongoing battle between the IT and finance departments. With CIOs…

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31 May 2018

Velocity IT hosts RPA Breakfast Workshop to help London-based organisations get started with Robotic Process Automation

Last week Velocity IT, a digital technology services firm with offices in the UK, India and South Africa, hosted a morning workshop at the trendy Citizen M Hotel in London. The topic of the…

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31 May 2018

In the era of partnerships, which 2018 tech trends have powered business so far?

2018 has been marked by revelations that Cambridge Analytica used millions of Facebook users’ data to manipulate elections.[1] While Big Data has steadily grown more omnipresent in people’s lives, and concerns about privacy and…

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Velocity IT joins the Silverstone Technology Cluster membership

Velocity IT, a digital technology services firm based in Milton Keynes, has recently become a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC), reinforcing its position as an innovative and collaborative organisation. With offices in…

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3 Reasons Why Your IT Department Resists RPA

In the age of digital optimisation, it’s no surprise that businesses are always on the lookout for ways to tighten up their operations, streamline processes and improve efficiency, both in terms of time and…

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15 May 2018

Is Your Corporation Disruption-Ready?

Thanks to the proliferation of digital technology, many established corporations have been disrupted by start-ups who have embraced technology to gain a competitive edge. Giants such as Blockbuster – who had the opportunity to…

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07 May 2018

10 Steps to Business Optimisation from Velocity IT’s CEO

Business optimisation aims to streamline the individual processes within a company to achieve the same end results in a shorter space of time, using fewer resources, less financial outlay or minimising the occurrence of human error and bottlenecks. All…

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30 Apr 2018

RPA: An Existential Crisis or a Chance to Transform the Nature of Work?

There has been an explosion of automation technologies in every area of life and business over the last few years – and concurrently a shockwave of questions, fear and excitement, optimism and pessimism, about…

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23 Apr 2018

Hatching Plans with the Chicken-and-Egg of Machine Learning

Machine learning represents an exciting new opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to streamline operations, optimise customer experience and free up their human workforce for more profitable uses of their time. Unfortunately, the intricacies…

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16 Apr 2018

IoT is transforming the business world – but strategy is the key to success

With a staggering 23 billion connected devices as of 2018 – 127 more every second – the Internet of Things (IoT) is seeing a rapid rise to prominence. IoT devices are increasingly being amalgamated…

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05 Apr 2018

Business Process Optimization – Where Near-Term Actions Converge with Long-Term Success

“Long-term success requires faith – faith that your efforts to plan and execute the process will lead to the desired outcome.” Tony Dungy, first African-American football coach to win the Super Bowl. Coach Dungy’s…

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04 Apr 2018

Let’s Get Real About RPA

Demand for robotic process automation (RPA) solutions continues to escalate. Research firm Forrester predicts that RPA market growth will reach USD 2.9 billion in 2021, up from just USD 250 million in 2016.[1] But…

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Velocity IT helps financial services take on the bots by launching its first Fintech Breakfast Workshop on RPA

Velocity IT has organised its first edition of the Fintech Breakfast Workshop which aims to give delegates from insurance and financial services firms the opportunity to get their hands dirty with robotic process automation…

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19 Mar 2018

RPA – It’s Not All About The Bots

Robotic process automation has been getting a lot of sensationalised media coverage lately with threats of mass unemployment making the headlines several times. The thing is, whilst it’s exciting to think of shiny robots…

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05 Mar 2018

Are You A Creative Or Strategic Thinker? Your Job Is Safe From AI – For Now

In a world marked by accelerating technological progression, it is no wonder there are split opinions about whether emerging technologies present an opportunity or a threat to society. Over the past decade alone, our…

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26 Feb 2018

7 Simple Ways To Take Your Small Business Digital

Running a small business can often mean you’re a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ some days. You might be the designer, accountant, office manager, marketing exec and customer service advisor all before lunch-time. So, for you busy entrepreneurs…

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23 Feb 2018

My Company Is Only Small – Can I Afford RPA?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an exciting opportunity, but as with any emerging technology, it’s easy to think it’s “probably too expensive” for companies on a tight budget. Rolling-out software bots across an enterprise,…

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15 Feb 2018

Thirty Percent Cheaper Insurance Products With Insurtech

It’s no secret that insurance companies globally are beginning to take digital technology, or more specifically insurtech more seriously. As a way of launching the industry into the digital future. Despite being ever so…

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One-Minute Webinar | Scale Your Business With Business Process Automation

Want to scale your business with Business Process Automation but you’re not sure where to start? Watch the One-Minute Webinar and begin your BPA journey today.

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Three Steps to Process Automation Success

Business process automation has been on the cards for some time now. You know you need it. You know how it will impact your company, but you’re not quite sure how to go about…

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Three Simple Ways Of Getting Started With BPA

So, you’ve started your own business and, so far, things have gone swimmingly well. Demand is increasing, and you’ve even got a small team. But resources are limited, and optimising time and making your…

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29 Jan 2018

Will bots take your job or keep you in business?

Automation technologies help firms to optimise resources, elevate performance and maintain a competitive advantage. In industries where growing regulatory pressures, data volumes and customer expectations are a challenge, robotic process automation (RPA) can lighten the…

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Time To Scale With Process Automation

How to grow a company without having to increase spending? That’s the question on many a small business owner’s mind. Traditionally, to scale a business, a decision will be made to hire more staff…

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09 Jan 2018

Keep Your Eyes On IIoT – Your Business Processes Will Thank You

Over the past year we’ve seen IoT reach its tentacles into different areas of our lives. From controlling our gas and electricity, to driving our vehicles. Despite the enormous consumer market success it has…

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22 Nov 2017

Using a Centre of Excellence to Promote Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation

The modern business workforce is increasingly technologically aware and capable. Thanks to the high accessibility of smart and connected devices, many employees couldn’t imagine life without digital technology, both in the office and beyond. In…

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17 Nov 2017

Expand Customer Base With Custom Apps

Since their introduction almost 40 years ago, spreadsheets have played a vital role in allowing businesses to keep track of sales data and customer contact details. But despite spreadsheet packages like Excel and OpenOffice…

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30 Oct 2017

Three Ways Digital Technologies Enhance The Marketing Department

What is Digital Transformation and how can I apply it to my marketing activities? The truth is, Digital Transformation isn’t a “thing” you can plug in to your current marketing plan, nor a tool…

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Velocity IT Hosts Digital Transformation Event In Partnership With K2

Yesterday Velocity IT, in collaboration with K2, hosted an exclusive event on the theme of digital transformation at the Soho Hotel in London. The afternoon was split into a series of talks by Velocity IT’s founder…

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12 Jun 2017

Powering Digital Transformation Using the K2 Low-Code Platform

Digital technologies provide scalable support for business activities across the business landscape and are powering Digital Transformation. These are typically activities around Sales & Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product & Service Development and…

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04 May 2017

Using Technology to Improve Customer Relationships

DELIVER A SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Customers relationships are everything to all businesses. Consequently, when it comes to business process automation and on-going business process improvement initiatives, it is essential that customer satisfaction and loyalty…

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12 Nov 2016

Smarter Business Processes Improve Efficiency

HOW TO ACHIEVE SMARTER BUSINESS PROCESSES Business Process Management Software (BPMS) is required for Continuous Business Process Improvement to be achieved. This platform ensures maximum business process efficiency by enabling continual optimisation with minimal…

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25 Oct 2016

Automating Business Processes to Gain Competitive Edge

WHY AUTOMATE BUSINESS PROCESSES? The automation of business processes enables a company to work smarter and gain a competitive advantage over others in the industry. It gives them the ability to achieve optimum efficiency by coupling…

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03 Sep 2016

Insight is Everything – Measuring the Performance of Business Processes

GAINING INSIGHT INTO BUSINESS PROCESSES It is impossible to achieve optimum efficiency and to gain a competitive edge without insight. Businesses that wish to continuously improve need to be able to measure its processes’ performance….

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21 Sep 2014

Transforming Policy Lifecycle Management

Velocity IT started K2 blackpearl process and SmartForms development for the underwriting and policy lifecycle management application for a major insurance company.  The basis for the requirement is the outputs from the discovery and…

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30 Aug 2014

K2 For Defence Success

A major defence organisation approached Velocity IT and K2 for a digital online forms solution steered by K2 blackpearl workflow. This solution was to replace their current employee suggestion system, which was paper based….

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