K2 & UiPath Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automated Credit Application using UiPath & K2

We’re proud to share our UiPath and K2 award-winning automation for credit applications.  In this short video you’ll see how we have built a low-code workflow solution, powered by UiPath’s automation robotics, to reduce the time-line for credit application approvals and provide the end-user with a faster decision on their line of credit.

Solution Elements

This solution adopts RPA and workflow to extract OCR Licence and Microsoft Azure Facial Recognition data to quickly carry out automated due dilligence checks on behalf of the lender.


How Intelligent Automation improves this process:

·       Fast track decision for the end user = 1 day approval (compared to >14 days via manual Caseworker)

·       Reduction in caseworker efforts to carry out otherwise manual checks

·       Improved user experience

·       Reduction in manual entry error from case worker

·       Opportunity to reallocate Caseworker to higher value tasks

·       Uninterrupted service, runs 24/7


2019 Hackathon Winners

What else can ‘Bots’ do for my business?

When it comes to enhancing your workforce with the addition of Robotic Process Automation, it’s more a case of ‘what can’t Bots’ do?  the Answer, in theory is, if you have a process that follows a certain workflow of steps and rules then you can automate it with RPA. Check out a few examples of functions within every organisation that could benefit from the inclusion of robotic automation here.

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Velocity IT deliver process automation solutions to support organisations on their journey to digital transformation, check out the automation solutions that we have delivered for our clients.

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