Improving Due Diligence with RPA

Improving Supplier Due Diligence Process with Low-Code Digital Forms

Many organisations can associate with the manual process of on-boarding a new supplier – in this short demo we show you how easy it is to convert a conventional due-diligence process into an automated one by using low-code to create a digital form.

Solution Elements

In this short video we’ll show you how easy it is to transform the common business process of on-boarding a new supplier and the associated long-winded, mundane but neccesssary due-diligence checks using low-code and workflow.

How Intelligent Automation improves this process:

·      Improves process completion by offering up to 70% time-saving

·      Removes the manual nature of data transfer for the back office operative

·      Improved user experience

·      Central repository for all due-diligence data

·      Opportunity to reallocate time to higher value business tasks

·      Automated workflow steps to deliver complete due-diligence process.


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How can we further optimise our business processes?

When it comes to overhauling your business processes, once you get started you begin to realise there are many everyday manual tasks that could benefit from a automated solution.  In addition to offering Business Process Automation solutions using low-code and workflow, Velocity IT can further enhance your workforce with the addition of Robotic Process Automation.  ‘Bots’ can be used to complement your existing human workforce by freeing up their time from the mundane every day process lead tasks, find out more about RPA.

Discover Process Automation Solutions

Velocity IT deliver process automation solutions to support organisations on their journey to digital transformation, check out the automation solutions that we have delivered for our clients.

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