Focus less on processes and more on cultivating talent

Managing Human Resources in a company means dealing with multiple layers of processes and approval touch points, which can lead to manual errors and bottlenecks. By automating HR processes, a company can ensure more optimised workflows, better traceability and accountability, and more timely and accurate outcomes leaving you more time to concentrate on building a phenomenal team.


Hiring the right talent can be a challenge. Build a dedicated app that automates the process of recruiting new staff, from automated criteria checks to forwarding the applications to the right people for approval.

Employee On-boarding

With an automated on-boarding app, the administrative side of on-boarding is made simple, leaving time to focus on the more human aspect of bringing a new person into the team.


With an automated appraisal system, managers and employees can set targets objectively and track progress more consistently over time.


Avoid costly errors and improve regulatory compliance with a payroll processing app that ensures staff are paid correctly and on time.

Apps that automate processes

Discover how low-code business process automation apps enable you to work better and achieve your business goals.

How to get started

To get started, schedule a demo to see how a custom-built HR solution could work for your organisation.