AI Facial Recognition Using UiPath

How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Facial Recognition using UiPath

In this blog we use a facial recognition Artificial Intelligence cognitive service for recognising a human face for the purpose of identity verification.

A typical scenario is an identity verification process when applying for credit.  The person applying for credit uploads an image of their government issued passport or driving licence and also uploads a selfie using a mobile phone registered to them.


Using a facial recognition Artificial Intelligence API, a person’s identity can be verified by comparing a selfie taken with their mobile phone (using a mobile phone app) with a photo in the person’s identity document.

For our scenario, we will use the Microsoft Azure Face API and integrate it with UiPath RPA to automate the process using software robotics.

We will detect a face’s age and gender then edit the uploaded image using a crop feature.

The steps below show you how to leverage the Microsoft Azure Face API from UiPath.

Step 1

Obtain the Service URL and subscription key from the Microsoft Azure Portal.  For more information, see the Microsoft Azure website for details.  The service contains 4 methods –

1)     Add a Face

2)     Identify a Face

3)     Verify a Face

4)     Detect a Face

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