Enable Scroll Functionality in K2 List View

Freeze K2 List View Header

How often do you view a list of data and find that the column headers disappear as you scroll?  This is often due to the list not having its column headers fixed and can be frustrating as you need to keep scrolling back to the top locate your position.  Look no further, this how to guide provides a step-by-step solution on how to implement the scrolling functionality on a List View once it reaches a particular number of records in the list.


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Example of current List View

Step 1

In Edit mode of the List View that will contain the data, navigate to the Layout pane.   Add a Data Label onto List View and set the Properties of the Data Label as follows:

  • Name: Unique and Descriptive. ex. ‘Data Label List Count’
  • Enabled: Checked

Data Label Properties

Step 2

Remaining in the Properties pane of the Data Label ‘Data Label List Count’, select the ellipsis button for the Expression property and add a new expression.

Give a unique/descriptive name for the expression (eg. ‘ListCount’) and Add a List Count Aggregation function to the Expression Details.

This will be used to count the number of records in the Smart Object that is used within the List View.

List Count Expression

For now, don’t assign this expression to the Expression Property for the Data Label ‘Data Label List Count’. We will assign this expression to the Data Label through the Rules pane of the List View.

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