Use apps to take care of your company's finances

Optimise management of budgets and expenses by adopting workflow apps. Velocity can build a custom financial operations platform that manages and processes financial data, introducing dashboards for deeper insights into how the organisation’s finances are managed.


Budgeting and forecasting between disparate departments can be inefficient if done manually. A budgeting app can pull together data from different departmental systems and provide a unified view, which allows for superior decision-making.

Expense Claims Processing

Ensure expense claims approval processes are timely and made following company policies. Automating this process according to predetermined rules makes approval more straightforward.


With an automated invoicing platform, financial workflows and approvals are streamlined and optimised. By creating a rules-based process, invoices are automatically categorised correctly and reached by the right people.

Internal Auditing

Enterprise risk management apps provide greater visibility into an organisation's business processes, making it easier for audit teams to assess and trace data.

Apps that automate processes

Discover how low-code business process automation apps enable you to work better and achieve your business goals.

How to get started

To get started, schedule a demo to see how a custom-built finance solution could work for your organisation.