Export Dynamic or User Defined Filtered Data From a K2 List View to EXCEL

K2 List View allows users to define custom filters to filter list data based on a user’s required filter criteria. The List View filter feature in K2 is called the User Filter and it is very useful as it provides the user the flexibility to choose their own filter criteria for list data. This is especially useful to create tabular-style reports in K2 where there is a requirement to filter the report by multiple criteria. The issue is that you sometimes want to do something in bulk with the filtered data.


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This blog will show you how to perform operations on filtered data – for example exporting it to Excel. Other operations like bulk update or deletion can also be performed, but we focus on the Excel export.

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We will use simple jQuery in the K2 SmartForm to select all the list items that are filtered by the User Filter (or quick search) with the intention to perform an action on the items using the K2 For-Each SmartForms loop on the “Selected” items.

Let’s look at an example

Consider the example order data below that is filtered based on a User Filter “Unit Price” and that is further refined by a quick text search. The latter makes this feature extremely useful, as it does not just rely on the User Filter.

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