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UiPath is the most widely used Robotic Process Automation platform in the world and is renowned for product leadership and technical excellence. UiPath boast the largest development team in the industry, which enables continuous innovation to accelerate value from robotic process automation.

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The UiPath RPA technology is designed to automate routine, high-volume, labour-intensive tasks that would otherwise be handled by human employees.  UiPath’s technology operates on the user interface (UI) of an existing application, much in the same way that a person would – except a software robot is able to complete the task much faster and with no need to rest.

UiPath RPA significantly reduces labour hours and costs, while boosting productivity and accurate outcomes.

The Industry leading UiPath platform delivers the following benefits:

  • Streamlines Complicated and Time-Consuming Processes
  • Eliminates the need for manual work and removes process delay
  • Enhances Communication and Collaboration across business divisions
  • Adhere’s to compliance
  • Eradicates Manual Error

Velocity IT is a certified UiPath Partner, through our expertise we can help to build a business case for RPA technology; and understand where this automation approach could add value to your organisation on your journey to digital transformation.

Process First Approach

Automating a poorly designed process is unlikely to provide an outcome that lives up to expectations. To truly save time, cut costs and reduce risks, for example, a process overhaul may be required before layering over the automation technology. In other words: you need to take a process-first approach. As experts in Busienss Process Optimisation Velocity IT can guide you through that process.

RPA Experts

Velocity can act as your independent and expert business process automation partner, providing guidance on how to choose technology that’s fit-for-purpose and how to build a strategic foundation for process automation from the get-go.


With our in-depth support, you can implement process automation successfully across your enterprise – and put a framework in place that helps all people, processes, systems and machines in the business to transition seamlessly to a new operating model that is powered by automation.


We can help you to determine how your governance and IT functions will work with the RPA team to support automation development and IT change management in line with broader business goals and any relevant regulatory compliance requirements.

Why Adopt A Process First Approach To RPA?

When it comes to roles and processes, it is important to remember that they are not always as definable as they seem. Therefore, to achieve lasting business transformation, it’s essential for organisations to first consider RPA as tool that forms part of the kit – download our Beyond Bots – Taking a Process First Approach to Automation in the Workplace to learn more.

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Is your business looking to discover how to achieve operational excellence through Business Process Automation? Perhaps you are already engaged with a project and looking for additional expertise in delivering a low-code solution?

Whatever your requirement or stage in your journey, Velocity IT can help transform your business at a pace that meets the demands of your organisation’s objectives.


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